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The reproduction requirements and pre press processing points of the smoothing original

the smoothing photographic original (hereinafter referred to as the smoothing original) is that when the light incidence angle is consistent with the photographing angle, the projection and shadow of the light are behind the photographed object, and the scenery facing the lens is illuminated with the same brightness. A work taken with this light angle is called a smooth manuscript. Due to the relationship between the light angle of the smooth manuscript when taking photos, the picture has the common characteristics of clear 7 is to track the problem rectification, good clarity, texture and uniformity, and soft and pleasing to the eye. The character shunguang manuscript has the characteristics of natural shape and spirit, reality, fuller facial expression, and even, delicate and textured skin. In particular, shunguang elderly images have a certain role in concealing and beautifying the image. The scenery is smooth, and the picture has the characteristics of uniform brightness, true, natural and coordinated color. The character or scenery manuscript shot with smooth light also has the characteristics of flat tone, flat color and moderate contrast, which is an ideal manuscript for reproduction

however, due to the fact that the smooth manuscript is not conducive to the expression of the sense of space, perspective and stereo in the scene, the picture lacks obvious tone configuration and contrast, and the contrast effect of the whole picture is not strong enough. It only relies on the inherent tone level and color matching of the scene to form an overall uniform picture. The smooth original face of the characters is flat, and the color contrast is lack of strength. Even some characters' smoothing originals (including some originals photographed by flash lamps) not only cause a large loss of facial layers, but also the color can not be truly reproduced due to the relationship between the light irradiation angle or improper exposure processing. The skin color of the characters forms a "big white face", and the whole picture is distorted and rigid, thus losing the inherent characteristics of the smoothing originals. Due to the equal relationship of light exposure, the foreground, mid shot and long shot in the picture lack level changes, and the contour, tone level and color changes of the scene are all realized by the inherent form of the scene itself. Therefore, the picture must lack the due light contrast and contrast, and it will inevitably lose the sense of three-dimensional and perspective, and the whole picture looks very flat

Another defect of the smooth manuscript is that when displaying the scenes of many people and scenery, the front and rear people and scenery are easy to overlap, affecting the full reproduction of their number and personality, and losing a sense of "breathability" in the picture

therefore, in prepress processing, desktop system operators should not only have superb skills, but also have the ability to analyze, study and appreciate the originals, grasp their inherent characteristics or some defects, and work closely with the effective functions, printing suitability and conditions of prepress processing equipment, so as to obtain the best reproduction effect. Therefore, in prepress processing, the following key points should be grasped for smoothing originals

1. On the basis of maintaining the brightness, uniformity and fineness of the picture, appropriately and accurately emphasize the clarity of the picture, but do not over emphasize it. If you over adjust, although the clarity of the picture has been effectively improved, there will also be relief marks on the picture, which will directly affect the inherent characteristics of soft gradation and true and natural color of the smooth manuscript

2. When dealing with smooth originals with characters as the main body, we must maintain the inherent characteristics of natural, true facial expressions, neat and delicate skin color. At the same time, special attention should be paid to the finishing treatment of some defects on the face of people, so as to prevent the further exposure of defects from affecting the effect of copying microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine. The amount of color used in yellow and magenta versions should be appropriately increased in prepress processing to improve the actual effect of people's skin color

3. For the large scene scenery smoothing manuscript, we should grasp the following three relationships in the prepress processing: first, we should deal with the gradation configuration relationship between the foreground, mid shot and long shot in the picture, and consciously deepen the foreground appropriately: pull the mid shot gradation layer

sub proportion appropriately; The vision should be light with ups and downs. Second, we should deal with the color matching relationship of foreground, medium and long-range, and appropriately thicken the foreground color: the amount of medium scenery should be appropriate; The perspective should be brighter. Third, in the grand scene scenery smooth manuscript, if there are characters in it, we should deal with the relationship between the skin color of the characters, the color of clothing and the background. In the color configuration, we should not only open it appropriately with the background, but also achieve harmony and unity, so as to prevent the lack of perspective between the characters and the background or the sense of color jump

4. For the bright and smooth originals, in the prepress processing, on the basis of maintaining the uniformity, cleanness and brightness of the bright tone in a large area, we should pay attention to the integrity of the picture, and the middle tone or dark tone should be appropriately colored, so as to maintain or appropriately emphasize the contrast of the picture tone, so that the overall picture surface can maintain a smooth, complete and dark tone without too frivolous reproduction effect

5. In terms of color processing, it is necessary to maintain the inherent characteristics of the overall tone of the smooth manuscript, which is true, natural and harmonious. Therefore, in prepress processing, we should appropriately increase the color consumption of basic colors in the main tone system of the picture, so that the whole picture can achieve relative saturation and real effect in color configuration and color consumption

6. On the basis of maintaining the smoothness of the original level, texture and color reality, we should appropriately lengthen the overall tone of the yellow, magenta and cyan versions, which is conducive to improving the overall contrast and color contrast of the picture, and appropriately enhance the visual effects of the three-dimensional, perspective and spatial sense of the picture

7. pay attention to the contrast of the picture. In prepress processing, we must consciously emphasize the brightness of the picture, especially the Western plastic welcome "new scene" brightness and secondary brightness should be highlighted, and some small highlights can be absolutely, in order to maintain the inherent clear and pleasing effect of the smooth manuscript. The dark part must be dark to maintain the stable visual effect of the picture

in short, before prepress processing, we should fully analyze and study the smooth manuscript, give full play to the advanced functions of desktop system equipment such as "creating light" by grasping its characteristics, and make good use of the advantages and avoid the disadvantages in specific operations, so as to effectively improve the production and reappearance level of smooth manuscript

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