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Recently, China Glass learned from sunshine kiln energy conservation and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. that after several years of development and application, the company successfully applied petroleum coke powder to replace oil fired glass kiln combustion, which greatly reduced the production costs of production enterprises

it is reported that petroleum coke is used as raw material to produce powder with certain specifications through primary crushing and strong grinding. The fuel is delivered to the special burner through the general storage tank, material distribution system, metering control system and powder delivery system. According to the process conditions and requirements of different industrial kilns, the fuel is quantitatively ejected from the burner and burned continuously, evenly and stably, and the high-strength heat generated effectively melts the materials in the kiln, Finally, all kinds of products that meet the quality requirements are produced. The technology includes two forms of combustion and transportation: high-pressure system and low-pressure system. Among them, the low-voltage system has less investment, short construction period and quick effect, but the control accuracy is relatively poor. The investment of high-voltage system is relatively high, and the construction period is slightly longer, but the system is perfect and the degree of automation is high. Users can choose according to their own requirements

in the production of glass with fuel as the heat source, the consumption cost of fuel accounts for a high proportion of the cost of glass. Replacing fuel oil with petroleum coke dry powder, the technical transformation is carried out without changing the structure of the glass kiln and affecting the normal production, which greatly reduces the production cost, and has achieved considerable economic benefits in many glass factories

for example, in the second half of 2005, a float glass factory began to use petroleum coke powder. At first, it used a low-pressure system and evolved into a high-pressure system after countless experiments. Now, it has been used by many customers and achieved good results, with remarkable economic benefits and energy-saving effects as high as 20% - 40%

working principle of the system

1. working principle: this technology combines the requirements of the glass kiln, adopts the pneumatic conveying principle, makes the petroleum coke into a certain particle size powder, uses special equipment to mix it with compressed air into a certain proportion of fluidized solid-gas two-phase fluid, and injects it into the kiln for combustion through pipeline injection

2. system classification and composition:

⑴ the composition of the low-pressure system is relatively simple, which is composed of silos, feeding equipment, mixing and conveying equipment, and reversing pipes

⑵ the high-pressure system is composed of silos, 2018 main idea sending equipment, mixing and conveying equipment, pressure regulating and charging control pipeline, conveying control pipeline, fluidization control pipeline, purging control pipeline, weighing and metering system, and automatic control system

the low-voltage system is simple, with less investment and short construction period. Under normal circumstances, the design and construction can be completed in 45 days. Compared with the high-voltage system, the control accuracy is poorer, and the small and medium-sized kilns are more suitable

the high-voltage system is perfect, and the system is completely controlled by the computer automatic system. The degree of automation is high, and the flame and temperature are controllable, but the investment is large. The design and construction period is about 2 months, and the large-scale kiln is more suitable

3. Technical characteristics of high pressure system:

a. a large number of pneumatic ball valves and pneumatic control valves are used, and the action reliability of the system is high. The action of all pneumatic valves is controlled by the automatic system

b. use a special sending tank to send powder at constant pressure. The powder is fully fluidized in the tank, so its material flow is continuous and uniform, the flame is stable, and the controllability is good

c. the flow control accuracy of powder can reach 0.1kg/min, which can fully meet the requirements of kiln temperature control accuracy

d. it eliminates the phenomenon that the combustion effect is affected by the formation of 5-position 1 body coke when using heavy oil due to the combination of spray gun with economic construction, political construction, cultural construction and social construction, and also reduces the labor intensity of melting chemical industry

use effect and operability

when using heavy oil, adjust the ratio of oil, gas and air to obtain a flame that meets the process requirements. When using the high-pressure injection system, the powder flow is adjusted by adjusting the tank pressure of the sending tank and the conveying air pressure, so as to control the furnace temperature; The rigidity and length of flame can be controlled by adjusting the ratio of conveying gas and fluidizing gas. Because the pneumatic regulating valve is adjusted by computer, it is flexible and easy to operate

the secondary protection of petroleum coke powder and heavy film tensile testing machine is based on the heating value ratio of main oil treated by maintenance workers (1. 2). Due to the increase of fuel volume, the flow of combustion supporting air also needs to be increased in use, so the kiln pressure increases compared with the use of heavy oil, and this effect can be eliminated through the automatic adjustment of kiln pressure ram. Generally, the opening of kiln pressure ram increases by about 3%-5%

compared with the use of heavy oil, the operation of high-pressure system is more difficult, which is due to the fact that the operating habits of employees have an adaptation process, and the second is that the moisture fluctuation of powder has an impact on its conveying performance and fluidization state, thus affecting the flame quality. Therefore, the relevant parameters are adjusted according to the working conditions of the kiln

after burning petroleum coke powder in the whole kiln of the two production lines of the current float glass plant, the four small stabilities of the furnace: the kiln temperature, kiln pressure, liquid level and bubble boundary remain stable, indicating that the use of petroleum coke has no adverse impact on the working conditions of the furnace

(information provided by sunshine kiln energy conservation and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

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