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Peugeot launched a new brand logo, indicating that Peugeot will officially transition to electrification

recently, according to foreign media reports, Peugeot will officially launch a new "motion & e-motion" brand logo at the 2019 Geneva auto show. This move also indicates that Peugeot will officially transition to electrification. The "e" in the new brand logo represents "electrification". Since the 2019 Geneva auto show, Peugeot will also promote its new brand logo around the world

according to Peugeot designers, the new giant lion logo symbolizes the pride, strength and excellence of the brand, and the letter "e" with green and blue colors also symbolizes the brand's position in the main challenges of energy transformation. And this also indicates that Peugeot will carry out large-scale electrification of its models from this year. It is expected that by 2030, every Peugeot model will have an electric version

previously, the brand-new "motion & e-motion" brand logo has been displayed on an e-legend pure electric concept car. Zhang Xin, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of e-tbea, said in an interview that -legend concept car has also appeared at the 2018 Paris auto show and the 2018 Guangzhou auto show. This 3 Users can sometimes have errors in the test results of the hydraulic universal testing machine, and after-sales consultation about technical problems. The car shape is retro. The design idea comes from the classic 504 coupe 50 years ago. The logo used in the concept car has also appeared on the Peugeot model in 1955. In the process of CFRP cutting, the body length, width and height of e-legen D are 4650/1930/1370mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2690mm

in addition, the concept car is equipped with a motor on the front and rear axles, with a maximum comprehensive power of 335kw (456ps) and a peak torque of 800N · M. officials say that its km/h acceleration time is only 4 seconds. The maximum capacity of its battery pack is 100 kwh, and the maximum mileage reaches 600 km. In the fast charging mode, the maximum mileage of 500 km can be obtained in 25 minutes

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