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Pfizer developed RFID software to identify prescription drugs

in order to combat counterfeiting, Pfizer launched a test plan to write RFID tags into all Viagra packages. At the annual symposium of hcpc (health care packaging Association), Pfizer's Dan Malinowski reported that Pfizer was developing a software to help pharmacists identify the authenticity of drugs sold

Malinowski said, "we plan to be ahead of the standards production community. Through this plan, we have a deeper understanding of the value of RFID and continue to accumulate experience in RFID. We make full use of the knowledge resources of RFID experts and cooperate with wholesale and retail trading partners to jointly accelerate the development process of RFID standards."

Pfizer's goal is to study the method of writing RFID marks on the whole packaging line with the main patents of NCA in the hands of Panasonic and Sumitomo of Japan. Pfizer wants to code every product with the product code of the international market recovery plastic extruder, which is manufactured, contacted and managed by Pfizer itself

a single product package will be marked with 13.56 Hz. This identification is written into the label of the bottle. Product packaging uses extended content labels. If the identification is effective, the laser will etch the two-dimensional bar code and electronic product code onto the label, which needs to be inspected. If the etching process fails, the bottle becomes waste. When the machine cannot recognize the RFID identification, the pharmacist can enter the number into the system for identification

box and container level packaging will use UHF marks, which will also damage the equipment (915 Hz). Pfizer is trying to make this logo compatible with 866 Hz software used in Europe. This identification has a 24 digit unique serial number, which can be written into the label of the box, and then printed with a straight-line bar code. The identification on the box is associated with the identification of a single product. When the identification of the box is read, this parent-child relationship can be verified

pallet level packaging also uses 915 Hz identification, and the identification on the pallet is also associated with the identification on the box

the Ministry of planning, industry and information technology will implement the spirit of the State Council's "streamlining administration, delegating power, and combining decentralization and management", which will be jointly completed by Pfizer's five departments: manufacturing department, packaging technology department, it department, logistics department, and trade relations department

information source: RFID radio frequency Express

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