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Petroleum wax hydrofining catalyst was patented

on August 30, a preparation method of petroleum wax hydrofining catalyst developed by China Petroleum and Petrochemical Research Institute was authorized by the national invention patent. Using this technology, China's wood plastic industry has become the country with the fastest growth rate in the world. The hydrofining catalyst prepared can process paraffin raw materials of different quality, and the appropriate process conditions are selected according to different raw materials, which can be combined and widely used products. The paraffin produced with the catalyst can reach the standard of food grade paraffin, and the microcrystalline wax produced can reach the standard of food grade microcrystalline wax

the catalyst prepared by this technology has concentrated pore distribution and suitable surface acidity, which can make the wax molecules fully react with the catalyst active center under relatively mild reaction conditions, and still has good hydrogenation activity even at low reaction temperature and pressure. This overcomes the shortcomings of other methods, such as complex process, difficult operation, and the prepared catalyst can not produce food grade paraffin with qualified color

this technology realizes the effective adjustment of surface acidity and pore structure in one step, greatly improves the dispersion degree of active metals on the surface of the carrier, adjusts the pore structure of the carrier, increases the pore volume and average radius, ensures the single-layer dispersion of active metals on the surface of the carrier, and gives full play to BASF's rich experience in using biodegradable compostable bags to collect and compost organic food waste around the world, The hydrogenation activity of the catalyst was improved

the main method of wax refining is hydrofining. If you want to know more information or buy a universal experimental machine, welcome to our company. The technical core is a high-performance hydrofining catalyst, which aims to retain the basic composition of n-alkanes and remove carcinogens such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons represented by 3,4-benzopyrene and non aromatic sulfur, nitrogen and oxygen. Paraffin hydrofining process is a highly selective reaction process. When sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen and other impurities in raw materials are removed and unsaturated components such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are hydrogenated and saturated, cracking reaction is not allowed, otherwise it will lead to the increase of oil content and penetration of wax

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