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Science popularization of petroleum and chemical industry in China walks into Xiaying chemical industry park in Changyi

science popularization of petroleum and chemical industry in China walks into Xiaying chemical industry park in Changyi

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Shandong Changyi Xiaying chemical industry park is located in the intersection and superposition zone of Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone and the Yellow River Delta efficient ecological economic zone

the park is rich in resources, with brine reserves of 3.5 billion cubic meters and natural gas reserves of 680 million cubic meters. At present, the annual output of raw salt is 4million tons, and the annual output of bromine is 40000 tons, accounting for 1/6 and 1/4 of the total output of sea salt in China, respectively. It is a well-known bromine and raw salt production base in China

according to Xue Wenlei, relying on its resource advantages, the Chemical Park focuses on the development of industries such as the integration of salinization and petrochemicals and new medicine. Up to now, 98 projects have been settled in the park, with a total investment of 39.6 billion yuan and a completed infrastructure investment of 918 million yuan, all of which have achieved "nine supplies and one leveling". In 2016, the local fiscal revenue was 245million yuan and the main business income was 6billion yuan

"Our park's products cover a wide range and are closely related to people's lives. In particular, the new pharmaceutical industrial park has gradually expanded its industrial scale, and has settled in 12 new pharmaceutical enterprises, including Hanxing pharmaceutical, Regent pharmaceutical, Tianyu pharmaceutical, Aotong pharmaceutical. According to the industrial agglomeration, the Industrial Park has clearly made specific rules for the ability of electrical equipment to protect personal safety and avoid electric shock. It has distinctive features, complete functions, and chain development We should focus on building drug production, research and development test bases, speed up the optimization of economic structure, promote the upgrading of the industry, and effectively improve people's quality of life. " Xuewenlei, head of Xiaying chemical park, said

Shandong Hanxing Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. is a pharmaceutical high-tech enterprise with antibiotic pharmaceutical intermediates and related products as its main business. Its products, veterinary intermediates and cardiovascular intermediates, are closely related to people's daily life. The company relies on the scientific research strength of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang University, Shandong University and other well-known colleges and universities to realize the industrial transformation of scientific and technological achievements. "We carry out comprehensive monitoring of the production plant, waste water and gas monitoring, equipped with combustible and toxic gas alarms, and dangerous processes are equipped with automatic control facilities. The company takes green and safe production as the assessment KPI of the production management body." Jin Yiqiang, general manager of the company, said

carbon disulfide, the leading product of Shandong Jindian Chemical Co., Ltd., is also closely related to life. It is mainly used in viscose fiber, rubber additives, beneficiation agents, pesticides, cellophane, medicine, petroleum and other fields. The enterprise always adheres to the leading environmental protection, adopts the current internationally advanced production technology of "natural gas + sulfur method", and establishes a new industry image and development trend of "green, clean, environmental protection, energy saving and low carbon" in the carbon disulfide industry

"the downstream product of carbon disulfide is viscose fiber. The industrial chain extends to the textile industry, which directly affects people's clothing, and the industrial chain of rubber additives extends to the tire industry, which directly affects automobile traffic." Wu Xiulu, general manager of Jindian chemical, said

like Jindian chemical, the products of Shandong Haitian Biochemical Co., Ltd. have entered thousands of households. The company has an annual output of 1.2 million tons of soda and 100000 tons of baking soda. Through the cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to establish the energy conservation and emission reduction project of soda industry, the company has adopted new production processes for laboratories in many important industries such as aerospace and ordnance industry, which has greatly reduced the energy consumption of soda and reduced the cost per ton by more than 300 yuan. "At present, our products have been transformed from industrial soda to household soda and detergent, which has greatly increased the added value of products." Zhang Ming, general manager of the company, said

in the face of some misunderstandings in the society, the park popularizes chemical knowledge and spreads chemical contributions with the help of TV stations, newspapers and other media in a favorite diversified and three-dimensional communication mode

"at present, we have opened two official account, namely 'Changyi Binhai' and 'Changyi Binhai Xiaying government information platform', to publicize the close relationship between petroleum and chemical industry and life, and elaborate their significant contributions to social development and human life while conveying information in a timely manner." Xue Wenlei said

the park also calls on enterprises in the park to undertake more social responsibilities and communicate frankly with the media, communities and the public. Enterprises in the park took to the streets, distributed popular science manuals, and carried out on-site Q & A to dispel doubts, popularize petroleum and chemical knowledge to the public, and display a new image of petroleum and chemical industry

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