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The petroleum and chemical industry science popularization alliance is about to be established

the establishment of China Petroleum and chemical industry science popularization alliance and the launching ceremony of the annual science popularization project of "love life and love chemical industry" will be held in Beijing Friendship Hotel on the "65" World Environment day this year. At present, all preparations are in full swing. At that time, Gu Xiulian, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the Tenth National People's Congress, Li Shousheng, President of the China Petrochemical Federation, Xu Yanhao, member of the Party group and Secretary of the Secretariat of the China Association for science and technology, Li Yongwu, former president of the China Petrochemical Federation, and academicians Jin Yong and Mao Bingquan of the Chinese Academy of engineering will attend the ceremony and deliver speeches. Zhu Shimao, a famous performing artist, will speak for the project

under the background that melamine, Sudan red, plasticizer, toxic land and other negative factors occur from time to time, the social public "talk about chemical color change" has gradually become the quality state of Xinchang 1. High and low temperature impact testing machine, PX and other chemical projects have encountered resistance in many places, and even the speech of "we hate chemistry" has appeared, the China chemical industry news, under the guidance of the China Federation of petroleum and chemical industry, jointly with Beijing University of chemical technology Chemical Industry Press, China chemical industry society, China Chemical Society, China Chemical Industry Museum, and public welfare chemical science popularization organizations established by institutions and individuals interested in chemical science popularization inside and outside the industry. Its purpose is to widely unite units and people from all walks of life who love the chemical industry and have a sense of society, carry out the popularization of Chemical Science in an in-depth and lasting manner, and actively promote the petrochemical industry. 1. Timely supply of lubricants and exchange and mutual trust with the public; Demonstrate the contribution of the petrochemical industry to the better life of mankind, and gradually change the irrational social phenomenon of turning pale; Improve the adjacent relationship between enterprises and the park and surrounding communities, and strive for a benign public opinion ecological environment for the development of the industry; Pay attention to the concerns and anxieties of the public, and advocate for improving food safety, increasing investment attraction, environmental safety, and living well-being

according to the Secretariat of the alliance, the alliance will focus on several aspects this year: first, scientific popularization of chemical knowledge and positive dissemination of chemical contributions. The second is to eliminate the impact of adverse events and rectify the name of the petrochemical industry. Third, we will continue to improve the public opinion ecosystem of the industry and ensure that there are successors to our cause. Four pressure testing machine, also known as electronic pressure testing machine, is to promote industry self-discipline and advocate scientific and green development of enterprises. Fifth, strengthen enterprise awareness and enhance the responsibility of employees. Strive to lay a science popularization platform and build a communication bridge for the innovative development of the whole industry in the first year of the 13th five year plan

more than 100 invited leaders, experts in science and technology, guests from industry, enterprise representatives and key media representatives will attend the inaugural meeting and discuss and exchange the planning and promotion of chemical science popularization

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