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Daqing Oilfield 50 years: constantly surpassing the "Kingdom of Petroleum Technology"

in the laboratory of Daqing oilfield exploration and Development Research Institute, young Dr. Wu Xiaolin is concentrating on the research of oil production technology that is planned to be put into application in 10 years or more

this technology, which is intended to enhance the activity of the reservoir by injecting microorganisms into the underground rock formation, is called "fourth oil recovery technology" by Wu Xiaolin's team. "The research goal is to increase the oil recovery of the oilfield by another 10% based on the existing technology." He said

"one generation of application, one generation of research and development, and one generation of reserves. This is the scientific and technological program that Daqing Oilfield has always adhered to." Wu Xiaolin said

corresponding to the "fourth oil recovery technology" is the "third oil recovery technology" that is currently widely used in Daqing Oilfield. Its core means is to add polymer to the water injection, and "wash" the stubborn oil on the rock like washing powder to remove the dirt on the clothes

in the past few years, Daqing Oilfield has achieved more than 100 million tons of new production by applying the independently developed "tertiary oil recovery technology". In some mining areas that were developed earlier, this new technology has "rejuvenated" many oil wells that were shut down

the application of "tertiary oil recovery technology" has made the comprehensive recovery rate of the main blocks of Daqing Oilfield reach more than 50%, which is 10 to 15% higher than the world average level. The lower pressure plate loads the sample points upward under the action of the driving lead screw

compared with the pollution caused by the process of Daqing oil plastic granulator, which is often an important source of environmental pollution in China, for the proven reserves of more than 5 billion tons in the field, every percentage point increase in recovery means an increase in production of more than 50 million tons. For China, where the demand for oil is growing rapidly but the total amount of resources is not abundant, these increased output is particularly valuable and important

except for a few oil "rich countries", most countries and regions in the world are actually struggling to find technologies and means to improve the production efficiency of existing oil fields

"the oil development technology of Daqing Oilfield in China, especially the tertiary oil recovery technology, is at the forefront of the world today." A vice president of Chevron, the second largest oil company in the United States, commented when he met with the Daqing Oilfield delegation not long ago

the "Kingdom of Petroleum Science and technology" built in 50 years has made Daqing Oilfield respected and admired by its peers and even competitors in the international industry. All this has not come easily

the new regime of the Communist Party of China, which was born in the middle of the last century, was excluded by international forces. China's oil industry, which is almost "a blank sheet of paper", is moving forward alone under the pressure of the "lean oil" theory and the blockade of related technologies. Chinese geologists applied the original continental oil generation theory to discover Daqing oil field, which made the Japanese who had been "tossing" in the same place for decades sigh with regret

"the development history of Daqing Oilfield itself is a living textbook of petroleum technology progress." Said wangyongchun, general manager of Daqing Oilfield Co., Ltd

in the face of the global shortage of oil resources, the advanced technology of Daqing Oilfield has also stepped on the world stage. In 2005, the technical team of Daqing Oilfield went to Kazakhstan's Kentucky yak Yanshang oilfield and applied the "tertiary oil recovery technology" to quickly restore the high production of this almost abandoned oilfield

at the end of June this year, China National Petroleum Corporation and BP jointly won the bid for the operation right of Rumaila oilfield in Iraq. Rumaila oil field is currently the largest oil field in Iraq, and it is also the only successful oil field in the first large-scale energy bidding of the Iraqi government since 2003

the technical team from Daqing Oilfield is responsible for the operation of PetroChina in Iraq

"The color masterbatch developed by our company is rich in color.

Jiang Jiemin, general manager of CNPC, said in Daqing not long ago:" the exploration and development supporting technology of Daqing Oilfield is not only an important support for the sustainable and stable production of the oilfield in the new era, but also has become a 'trump card' for PetroChina to expand international cooperation. "

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