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The petroleum and petrochemical equipment industry faces five thresholds

at present, China's petroleum and petrochemical equipment industry has a relatively complete range of categories, and the specifications and varieties can basically meet the needs. Some products have approached or reached the international leading level. The "12th Five Year" energy plan also provides new development opportunities for the domestic petroleum and petrochemical equipment industry. However, there are also some problems to be solved in the petroleum and petrochemical equipment industry. Recently, five thresholds restricting its development were found in the interview

process and equipment are disconnected

industry analyst Liu Xiaochen told that due to various factors, the sampling rate is low. For a long time, the product development of China's petrochemical equipment manufacturing enterprises has been disconnected from the process research and development of users, the manufacturing enterprises lack communication with users, and there is a lack of research on the configuration rules and use requirements of relevant equipment in user devices

it is understood that the development cycle of petrochemical process is relatively long. Petrochemical equipment manufacturing enterprises cannot understand the process research schedule of user departments, and it is difficult to track the process development research of users, so they cannot carry out targeted equipment manufacturing research. Once the process research is mature, the transformation of the coal-fired furnace of the plastic granulator system, which needs equipment, has become an important issue to be solved urgently. Many technical problems of the manufacturing enterprises have not been solved, and they are in a passive situation, resulting in a large influx of foreign products into China. The disconnection between technology and equipment has hindered the pace of localization of petrochemical equipment

lack of systematization

some experts believe that China's Chemical Design Institute and Chemical Research Institute are separated. Chemical design institute only cares about engineering design, and chemical research institute only cares about chemical unit process research; China's petrochemical equipment manufacturing industry itself is also fragmented. Blower factories only manufacture blowers and water pump factories only manufacture pumps, ignoring the development of complete sets of technology, especially the lack of reliability research of the system

in addition, the development of process and equipment, main machine and auxiliary machine is not synchronized. While developing equipment, the development of technology is often ignored; While developing the main engine, the development of auxiliary engine is often ignored. So that the process and equipment, the main machine and auxiliary machine can not be coordinated development, and the system integration ability is poor, which is difficult to meet the needs of users. At present, China lacks a number of engineering companies such as GE, abb and Siemens that have the ability of system design, complete system and general engineering contracting, and the broad Petrochemical complete equipment market has to be ceded to foreign investors

low industrial concentration

Zhao Zhiming, executive vice president of China Petroleum and petrochemical equipment industry association, once told that at present, the macro planning of the petroleum and petrochemical equipment industry is not well done, there is a lack of national planning, low-level and unreasonable repeated construction takes up a lot of funds, and the vicious competition in the industry is relatively serious. The industrial concentration is low, the degree of specialization is low, there are few large backbone enterprises, and the group of small and medium-sized enterprises surrounding large backbone enterprises has not formed

in the future, the petroleum and petrochemical equipment industry must make adjustments, mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises, and promote the optimization and adjustment of its product structure while increasing investment in science and technology. With assets as the link, mergers and acquisitions should be implemented through mergers and acquisitions, alliances, holdings, equity participation and other forms, so as to improve industrial concentration and cultivate and develop leading backbone enterprises with scientific and technological competitiveness

lack of influential brands

Zhao Zhiming also said that in China's oil equipment manufacturing industry, there are not many Chinese famous brands, and there are fewer world famous brands, with a significant gap. The competition in petroleum and petrochemical equipment manufacturing market is becoming more and more fierce, and has risen from pure product and price competition to brand and service competition. Therefore, while improving the performance and quality of the equipment, we should also improve the value of the brand. We should change from a simple production type to a modern production service type, strive to build a professional production enterprise that is "specialized, refined, special and new", build its own brand image and improve its core competitiveness

it is found that some enterprises have begun to consciously shape their own brands. The most obvious example is PetroChina, which has carried out large-scale brand integration of its petroleum and petrochemical technology and equipment products and services by formulating strict technical standards and specifications. After integration, standard enterprises such as top breaking and puncturing fixtures have passed strict examination and have been approved to use the unified brand of "Gem Flower" of "China Petroleum Equipment" in stages and batches, striving to give full play to the overall advantages of China's petroleum equipment manufacturing industry

Some experts pointed out that as an important petroleum and petrochemical equipment manufacturing country, China should participate in the formulation of international standards as soon as possible. At present, China's petroleum and petrochemical equipment enterprises rarely have their own voice in the international standards community, let alone have the right to speak in standards

in recent years, China's petroleum equipment manufacturing enterprises have actively innovated themselves and accumulated many advanced technologies in equipment manufacturing such as geophysical exploration, drilling and pipeline transportation, some of which are even at the international leading level. How to make these technologies "go global" and become international standards is also an urgent task at present

experts from the Institute of petroleum industry standardization pointed out that on the one hand, we should speed up the revision of national standards for leading products, give play to the role of leading enterprises and research institutes, and upgrade the industrial standards of some key products to national standards. At the same time, technical equipment with independent intellectual property rights can generally be formulated into national standards without tightening experiments; On the other hand, accelerate the pace of adopting international standards and foreign advanced standards, actively carry out international standardization exchanges and cooperation, and substantially participate in the preparation and revision of international standards

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