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Recently, Bao Zhengtao, an automation engineer who previously worked in a large automobile manufacturing enterprise in Wuhan, came to Shunde to look for new opportunities and challenges. He participated in the Zhiju Shunde dream building future 2019 robot industry forum and high-end talent exchange held at the China Europe center. His resume was submitted to Guangdong bozhilin robot Co., Ltd

it is understood that 26 robot backbone enterprises in Shunde District, including bozhilin, KUKA, Longshen and Jiateng, were organized to participate in this activity, providing 421 talent needs for 137 positions in electrical, mechanical engineering, management and R & D. Among them, Guangdong bozhilin robot Co., Ltd. has the largest demand for talents, providing 21 positions and 198 talent needs. The positions of visual engineer of Foshan Longshen robot Co., Ltd. and UAV R & D director of Guangdong Shenghui electronic Holding Co., Ltd. both offer an annual salary of more than 600000 to attract high-end talents in the industry. The activity attracted 553 high-end talents, but some special samples in the rubber tensile property test could not be connected with the contact sensor for the gauge distance measurement enterprise on site, and finally 312 people reached an in-depth intention

what makes a senior engineer with 10 years of working experience in the manufacturing industry give up his job in a big city and come to this small town in the Pearl River Delta? Bao Zhengtao said frankly that the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta are the two largest gathering places of the robot industry in China. He has considerable accumulation in automation applications and hopes to have a larger platform to give full play to his strengths. Shunde's intelligent manufacturing industry is in the ascendant. With a complete robot industry chain, it is a big stage for automation engineers. In Shunde, you can understand the latest trends and dynamics of intelligent manufacturing

at the moment of impact, our goal this year is to reach 3600 employees, and now there are more than 2000 people. Peng Zhengwang, senior recruitment director of Guangdong bozhilin robot Co., Ltd., revealed to us that bozhilin will eventually introduce and cultivate tens of thousands of experts in the field of robotics, including engineers and scientists, and is now speeding up to this goal, Driven by the overall environment, the company participated in various talent recruitment activities at high frequency. This time, it provided 21 positions and 198 talents, which is also the largest number of participating enterprises. Peng Zhengwang said that compared with some cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Shunde is not dominant geographically, but the booming robot industry in the region in recent years has formed a strong magnetic attraction and agglomeration effect on talents

Foshan Longshen robot Co., Ltd. offered the position of visual engineer with an annual salary of 600000. Chen Xin, the president of the company's Innovation Research Institute who led the recruitment team, said that the only domestic Kawasaki robot production line cooperating with Japan Kawasaki robot will be put into production at the beginning of next year. In addition, the sales of its own brand robot products are booming. We are focusing on the core of intelligent production line, strengthening industrial robots and constantly launching new production lines, Now it has been extended to automobile manufacturing, new energy and other fields, and the demand for talents is also large, focusing on Electrical and mechanical engineering, with an average annual salary of 300000 yuan. She also said that the company would provide sufficient salary according to the needs of the position and the quality of talents. The proposed annual salary of 600000 yuan is not the top salary

maiyutuan, director of Shunde District Civil Affairs and human resources and Social Security Bureau, who attended the event, told that Shunde has always attached great importance to talent work from a strategic perspective. Through continuous upgrading, Shunde has issued a series of talent policies with unprecedented efforts to create a talent gathering environment, covering talent recognition, housing, salary subsidies, household entry, children's enrollment and other aspects, so that talents can enjoy a house purchase subsidy of up to 6million yuan Policy dividends of up to 200000 yuan, such as salary subsidies, talent Monopoly houses, and talent cards; At the same time, through all-round talent services and public services, we will spare no effort to create a good atmosphere of caring for, respecting and caring for talents. Just last year, Shunde issued a total of more than 300million yuan of talent subsidies. Next, Shunde will continue to innovate and improve the talent policy system, increase investment in talent work, and further demonstrate its determination to recruit talents. Experience of using testing machine in Jinan testing machine factory

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