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Guizhou: new packaging listed vendors took the opportunity to stir fry old packaging salt

as Guizhou salt industry group, which specializes in the production of experimental machines by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., recently launched a paper plastic packaging salt, some unscrupulous vendors took advantage of the poor information of citizens to increase the original 1 yuan package of compound film packaged salt sold on the market to 1.2 yuan to 1.5 yuan. Yesterday, it was learned from the Guizhou Provincial Salt Administration that it would carry out a month long special rectification of illegal traders' acts of disrupting the order of salt prices in the market

citizens' doubts: a bag of salt sold for $5

yesterday, Ms. min pan of Zhucheng reported to this newspaper that when she went to buy salt, she found that the edible iodized salt, which originally sold for 1 yuan a bag and had little cost-effective advantage, had sold for 1.5 yuan a bag. I don't know why

later, I visited some salt retail outlets on the streets of tsukucheng and found that many retail outlets have increased their prices. The retail price of 500 grams of salt per package now ranges from 1.2 yuan to 1.5 yuan. Ms. Zhou, the owner of a grocery store at the intersection of Daji lane, Xudong Road, told me that yesterday for some unknown reason, many residents nearby came to her store to buy salt and bought up the two large bags of salt in her shop. Later, she learned that the prices of salt sold in some stores around her had increased, and residents came to rush to buy it when they saw that her stores had not increased prices

when inquiring at a grocery store on Baoshan North Road, the shopkeeper said that her family sold 1.2 yuan a bag, and asked how long she hadn't bought salt, and she didn't even know the price rise of salt

Provincial Salt: the price of salt has not increased

has the price of salt really increased? Yesterday, I went to the Provincial Salt Administration for an interview. Xuguangxiang, a staff member of the salt administration department of the Bureau, told that at present, the price of salt in the market in Guizhou Province has not increased, and residents need not panic at all. This may be that Guizhou salt industry (Group) Co., Ltd. recently launched a kind of iodized salt with small paper plastic packaging in the market, and some illegal traders took advantage of the poor information of citizens to take advantage of the opportunity to increase the price of iodized salt with the original composite film packaging

according to the introduction, due to the discovery of industrial salt and fake composite films outside the province in some areas of the province to offset the salt market, and at the same time, due to some illegal traders' price hikes and hoarding, which have seriously disrupted the order of the salt market, Guizhou Provincial Salt Administration will carry out a special action to rectify and regulate the salt market throughout the province from mid June to mid July, against operators who disturb the salt price order without authorization, We will resolutely ban the qualifications for operating salt

paper plastic packaged iodized salt is listed in Guizhou

learned from the provincial salt administration that in order to increase the variety of iodized salt, its process and products are the first in the world, so that the iodized salt packaging can more meet the national environmental protection requirements, Guizhou salt industry group launched paper plastic small packaged iodized salt in the provincial market on June 10, and sold it together with the original composite film packaging

it is reported that the paper plastic small package uses paper as the medium in the composite, which can block ultraviolet radiation, and can more effectively preserve the "iodine" in salt, which is conducive to the long-term preservation of "iodized salt" and environmental protection. The "paper" in the paper plastic composite is used as a medium shield, which can also effectively block and prevent the penetration of harmful substances in the printing ink, and ensure the edible safety of iodized salt. At the same time, the technical content of paper plastic packaging has been improved, which can better prevent fake and shoddy salt from harming the health of citizens

it is understood that the unified retail price of paper plastic packaged iodized salt in the province is 1.3 yuan per bag of 500g and 0.8 yuan per bag of 250g. The original composite film packaging is 500g, and the price of 1 yuan per bag remains unchanged. If consumers find that salt operators have illegal acts such as raising prices without authorization, they can call the reporting center of the Provincial Salt Bureau to report, and the relevant departments will investigate and deal with them immediately. (end)

source: Guizhou business daily

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