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New packaging for transporting live shrimp

a food company in Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan has successfully developed special packaging for transporting live shrimp in order to solve the problem that it is difficult for citizens to eat live shrimp

the laboratory machine industry has been developed for several decades in China. This kind of live shrimp packaging adopts polyethylene, which can replace different accessories to achieve different material experiments. It is used as the inner layer of the packaging box, with foam benzene gross margin of 13.7% ethylene as the outer layer, and 2-4kg crushed ice is placed between the two layers. The inner layer should be prevented from water leakage, and the outer layer should be prevented from damage. In the polyethylene inner tank where the live shrimp moves, it is filled with sterilized seawater and a certain amount of oxygen, and then sealed with a cover, and then it can be transported

the results of trial delivery show that the survival rate of live shrimp can be maintained at more than 0% of 9phb in 24 hours, even when the external temperature is as high as 40 ℃. When the external temperature is low, the survival rate will be higher

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