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New packaging materials emerge in endlessly. Aluminum foil has broad application prospects

in recent years, China's packaging industry has risen rapidly, and various new packaging materials emerge in endlessly. In particular, the application of aluminum foil in the packaging industry has increasingly shown its unique superior performance, forming a new market growth point and opening up new incremental space for the consumption of aluminum foil in the packaging industry. With the rapid development of the global packaging industry, the packaging industry has become an important pillar industry in developed countries. In the United States, the packaging industry has become the third largest industry; In Europe, the packaging industry is the seventh largest industry. The development of the global packaging industry has greatly boosted the consumption of aluminum foil, making the packaging industry the largest application and consumption market of aluminum foil. According to the statistics of European aluminum foil industry association, more than 70% of aluminum foil in Europe is used in all kinds of packaging products. In the United States, this ratio is as high as 75%, and in Japan, the consumption of aluminum foil for packaging accounts for 70%, of which food packaging alone accounts for 30% of the consumption of aluminum foil

at present, China has become the third largest packaging country after the United States and Japan in the global packaging consumption market of about $600billion. With the rapid development of China's packaging industry, the application of aluminum foil in the packaging field has also increased rapidly. At present, the consumption of aluminum foil for packaging in China is about 110000 tons/year, including about 38000 tons of aluminum foil for cigarette packaging, accounting for 34.5%; Aluminum foil for food packaging is about 20000 tons, accounting for 18.2%; About 9000 tons of aluminum foil for dairy products packaging, accounting for 8.2%; Aluminum foil for daily chemical packaging is about 5000 tons, accounting for 4.5%; Aluminum foil for other packaging is about 10000 tons, accounting for 9.1%

there is still a big gap between the application rate of aluminum foil in China's packaging industry and that in developed countries because the system and mechanism are not straightened out. Flexible packaging: flexible packaging is a new type of packaging developed in recent years. It has the special effects of moisture-proof and fresh-keeping. It is a very ideal packaging product for modern packaging. It is a bag type packaging container (such as cooking bag and standing bag) made of aluminum foil and plastic. In developed countries, flexible packaging has become the main form of packaging for food and beverages, especially in developed countries in Europe, the United States and Japan. At present, flexible packaging has become the mainstream of global food packaging. In 2005, the global output value of flexible packaging has reached US $65.8 billion, with an average growth rate of more than 5%. It has become one of the top ten packaging technologies that can most affect the packaging industry in the world in recent years. In recent years, China's flexible packaging market has developed rapidly, with an annual growth rate of 9.5%, second only to India's 12% growth rate. With the rise and rapid development of flexible packaging in China, the annual consumption of aluminum foil is more than 20000 tons, and there will be greater market increment space in the future

aluminum plastic composite packaging: in modern packaging, almost all products requiring opaque or high barrier composite materials use aluminum foil as the barrier layer of packaging products. Aluminum plastic composite packaging is the most used and widely used. Among the aluminum-plastic packaging materials, the following aluminum-plastic composite packaging has a promising future in the packaging industry. Aluminum plastic composite cans are made of aluminum foil, plastic film and kraft board. Through processing, they are made into various shapes of packaging cans, which are non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free, and can be recycled. It is a substitute for tinplate cans, cooking cans and other liquid packaging containers widely used in the market. It is especially suitable for the packaging of frozen food, flat food and oil. The market usage is considerable Aluminum plastic composite film is composed of aluminum foil and high-strength, heat sealable plastic film. It has barrier, mechanical and heat sealing properties. It is an excellent aluminum plastic composite flexible packaging material with great application potential, which is widely used in the packaging of food, chemicals and military products. The aluminum plastic composite hose is compounded by aluminum foil and plastic or resin, and then processed into tubular semi-rigid packaging products by pipe making equipment. It is mainly used for the packaging of paste and dew products, such as the packaging containers of toothpaste, ointment, cosmetics and other daily-use chemical products. Aluminum plastic composite hose has the advantages of good isolation, not easy to crack, clean and beautiful. In developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, 90% of toothpastes whose brand popularity has been further expanded use aluminum-plastic composite hose packaging, while the current rate of using this packaging in China is less than 5%. Domestic consumption of aluminum foil for aluminum plastic composite hoses is about 5000 tons per year. With the development of this emerging market, the consumption of aluminum foil in this field will develop rapidly

wine sealed packaging: Wine sealed packaging is a new packaging material produced with the requirements of beer hygiene standards in recent years. Aluminum foil is widely used in bottle neck and bottle mouth sealing packaging of beer, fruit wine and high-grade soy sauce because of its good ductility, tensile properties and easy printing

in recent years, with the change of Chinese food consumption habits, beer consumption has increased significantly. In 2005, the national beer production was 30.62 million tons, ranking first in the world for many consecutive years. Its packaging aluminum foil also increased rapidly, reaching an annual consumption of more than 10000 tons of aluminum foil, and there is still a large incremental space. Pet food packaging: in recent years, pet food packaging products made of aluminum 4 and processing foil have developed rapidly in the European and American markets. At present, it is still a blank market to be developed in China, and its application and consumption potential are great. In addition, with the development of new packaging technology, selective aluminum foil packaging, antifreeze aluminum foil packaging, anti condensation aluminum foil packaging, sterile packaging, Tetra Pak and other new packaging methods will open a series of new incremental market space for the application of aluminum foil in the packaging field. From the perspective of the development prospect of China's packaging industry, the state has put forward the development plan of agricultural industrialization in the field of food, and food processing is listed as a key priority development area. It is expected that the output value of food packaging will increase by more than 12% every year in the future. Dairy and beverage industry has become the most growing industry today, and all kinds of soft packaging varieties have appeared in the market

at present, the annual output value of China's pharmaceutical packaging industry is 15billion yuan, which can only meet 80% of the packaging needs of domestic pharmaceutical enterprises. It is expected that the pharmaceutical packaging industry will achieve rapid development during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period. In the daily chemical industry, the two documents are not completely opposed to the use of building exterior wall thermal insulation materials. Daily chemical products are entering a market boom period with great development potential. In the packaging industry, they are one of the most updated and fastest-growing markets. It can be seen that the future growth space of China's aluminum foil demand is mainly in the packaging aluminum foil to support a market with a large capacity. Industry experts predict that by the end of the eleventh five year plan, the annual demand for aluminum foil for packaging in China will reach about 250000 tons, which will be 1.3 times the current consumption of aluminum foil for packaging. In the next few years, the growth rate of aluminum foil for packaging will significantly exceed that of the three major applications of aluminum foil for air conditioning, decoration and cables in China

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