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New packaging activates the market

new glass packaging paper a Japanese company recently launched a new type of glass packaging paper, which is used to package fresh fruits such as fruits and vegetables, which can inhibit their ripening process and prolong the shelf life by two times. The surface of the cellophane is coated with a special chemical substance called juniper acid, which can inhibit the activity of ethylene generating enzymes that promote the ripening of fruits and vegetables, thereby extending the preservation period for different uses and requirements. Using this kind of wrapping paper can not only make it easy to transport such food over long distances and reduce losses, but also reduce the use of preservatives and reduce costs

the main feature of duck beak can is that it combines the duck beak shaped opening device with the beverage can, which is both ingenious and practical. This invention has caused great repercussions in the beverage industry. The duckbill can ring regularly cleans the machine and electricity. It is a duckbill shaped device with a cut edge at the bottom, which is riveted at the pull mouth of the can cover. When opening, first put a layer of applicable materials on the cover: rubber, plastic, film, adhesive, reinforcement, glass, touch screen, textile, waterproof materials, wires and cables, ropes, wires, metal rods, metal plates and other photovoltaic materials, as well as packaging machines in the clothing industry 'target'=_ Blank> the transparent film is broken, and then fix it with the pressure of your fingers. Once fixed, the duckbill device and the opening of the can are connected very closely without leakage. The reason is that the duckbill device is fixed between the edge of the can cover and the opening. In addition to being safe and practical, this invention also greatly reduces the possibility of lip injury. Although this duck billed can has no obstacles in stacking and is as easy to use as the previous easy pull ring device, the amount of metal materials required in production is increased, which increases the cost and energy-saving design

microwave packaging development of microwave packaging is a new trend in food packaging in Europe and the United States. Under the condition of high electronic penetration in Europe and the United States, German Matten pack company and Swedish sprinter company have produced flat disk microwave packaging, which is lined with pet, packaged with composite layers, and pressed with reinforcing ribs. C-PET materials are selected. The food packaged with this kind of packaging can be directly baked in the microwave oven after being taken out of the refrigerator, and can withstand 230 ℃ high temperature. German etimex company also showed C-PET disc packaging in "futurepak95". It is said that the demand in 2000 reached 300million. Microwave packaging in the United States has developed rapidly, with 90% of families using electronic microwave ovens. The fast pace of life has promoted the development of this packaging technology. Pillsbury also developed a kind of baking cake packaging, which is in the shape of a flat plate, with exquisite printing and decoration, and is very popular

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