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In recent years, the food packaging industry in the United States has developed rapidly. In order to meet the requirements of convenient and beautiful food packaging, easy storage, easy opening, low cost and high production efficiency, new food packaging products are constantly introduced to the market, which has attracted the attention of the packaging industry

polypropylene/Acetaldehyde vinyl alcohol/polypropylene material is used at the edge of small food packaging. It's easy to open, even for children. Fast food sweet bread adopts polyester film packaging and plates made of solid bleached kraft paperboard, which are similar to the development history of Jinan experimental machine. It can solve the problems of on-site baking in the past, cost a lot of labor, and different quality, and can be produced by using the production line. The packaged products can be placed in the freezer for shipment to various fast food supply points

after the small sweet bread is packaged with polyester film, the moisture in the bread can be ensured and the storage life can be prolonged. The plates made of solid bleached kraft paperboard, which runs from the deviation perpendicular to the battery plate (the steel needle stays in the battery), are coated with a coating that can prevent grease from overflowing. This kind of packaging can withstand both the high temperature of baking and the low temperature of post-treatment cooling

bulk ghee is packed in shrink packaging to avoid the problems of inconvenient weighing and difficult cleaning of containers. The method is to put the aluminum foil marked with the measuring line into the polyethylene glycol terephthalate (PET) box, pour the viscous butter into the aluminum foil, fold the aluminum foil after filling it, and fill the box with nitrogen for sealing. The sealing material is aluminum foil as the base material. When taking, tear open the aluminum foil, take it according to the measuring line on the aluminum foil as needed, and then cover the attached EPT after taking it. Under normal circumstances, the contents can be stored for 12 months after the package is opened. This lower limit will not be zero

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