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The profit space of thermal power is squeezed again, and the operating pressure continues to increase.

"with the deepening of power reform, the market-oriented trading power is increasing. However, under the circumstances of high coal prices and the continued increase of profits in some regions, the profit space of thermal power is squeezed again, and the operating pressure of enterprises is significantly increased." An insider of a thermal power enterprise in Guangdong said in an interview with China business

during the two sessions of the National People's Congress in 2019, wenshugang, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of China Huadian Group, said: "on the one hand, power users think the price is high and hope to reduce the price; on the other hand, power producers bear huge cost pressure or even huge losses."

in addition, according to lifulong, director of the development planning department of the national energy administration, the overall efficiency of the energy industry has improved. However, due to the rise in coal prices and power generation costs, the operating situation of thermal power enterprises is still severe, with a loss of nearly half

in terms of coal price, since 2016, the coal industry has gradually implemented the national "de capacity" and "control output" policies. Among them, in 2018, the number of coal mines nationwide decreased by 5800, and the capacity removal task of 150million tons was completed. In 2019, the standards for eliminating backward production capacity and releasing high-quality production capacity in the coal industry will become more and more strict. Affected by this, the coal price center continued to move upward. The average price of thermal coal in 2018 was 647 yuan/ton, compared with 638 yuan/ton in 2017, and the central price moved up for the third consecutive year

at the same time, the yield of power generation in some regions has increased year by year. Take Guangdong as an example. According to the energy-saving and low-carbon power dispatching principle and the priority generation system, class a units are fully consumed and do not participate in market-oriented transactions. However, with the further deepening of Guangdong's power reform, class B thermal power units bear the heavy responsibility of making profits through market transactions alone. In 2017, the total turnover of Guangdong power market was 115.66 billion kwh, with a profit of 7.6 billion yuan; In 2018, the total turnover of Guangdong power market was 157.21 billion kwh, with a total profit of 10.3 billion yuan. In 2019, when the market power scale is expanded to 200billion kW, which can form a huge biochemical industry like oil, the margin of profit transfer of class B thermal power units will further increase

in response to the national clean energy consumer's daily economic news reporter calling the company's board secretary office on Sunday (November 26) to accept the special action, the power delivered by "XD" to Guangdong has increased year by year, and Guangdong has received nearly 178.2 billion kwh of XD in 2017 and 192.7 billion kwh in 2018; It is expected to exceed 200billion kwh in 2019. Up to now, the west to East power transmission has formed a total of 18 "eight AC and ten DC" channels for West to East power transmission of 500 kV and above, with a maximum power transmission capacity of more than 47.5 million KW, of which 33.7 million KW has been sent to Guangdong, accounting for more than one third of the demand. The ± 800 Kunming Liulong DC project with a transmission capacity of 8million kW will be invested later

"this is crowding out the power generation share of the unified dispatching units in Guangdong Province." The insiders of the above power generation enterprises told China business

according to the principle of prioritizing the consumption of clean energy in Guangdong Province, the nuclear power generation capacity will be 82.3 billion kwh in 2017, 87.6 billion kwh in 2018 and 91 billion kwh in 2019; Meanwhile, other clean energy units have been put into operation. This means that the generation share of class B thermal power units will be squeezed year by year

Guangdong is located at the end of the coal transportation from the north to the south, with a transportation distance of more than 2000 kilometers. It is located in the southeast coast, where natural disasters such as typhoons and rainstorms are frequent. Since 2006, Guangdong has shut down all coal mines in the province, and it is unable to provide coal support by itself. In recent years, about 180million tons of coal have been transported in Guangdong Province, of which imported coal accounts for about 30%. The transfer of coal is limited and restricted by the railway transportation capacity, ports, shipping and other links, showing the characteristics of "large demand, difficult transportation and weak cost control ability". At the key nodes such as summer facing the wind, coal storage in winter and major festivals, the supply and demand of coal is tightening, and the supply situation is grim

from the current signs, as of march2019, the tight supply and demand situation of national coal in the sensor internal market will be difficult to be fundamentally changed in the short term, and the price will remain high. The Bohai Rim thermal coal price index (bspi) averaged 578.5 yuan/ton, up 1.3% year on year

the unit price of standard coal fired into the furnace of Guangdong coastal power plant is about 900 yuan/ton, and the variable cost of 600000 class coal-fired units in the coastal area is about 280% per kilowatt hour. Considering the fixed cost and financial cost of the units, the unit has a small profit per kilowatt hour. The unit price of standard coal for inland power plants is about 1050 yuan/ton. According to the above plan, the profit per kilowatt hour of coal-fired units in mountainous areas is negative

wenshugang believes that this reflects that the reform of the power system needs to be further deepened and the construction of the power market needs to be strengthened. According to the law that the market plays a decisive role, we should restore the commodity attribute of power, so as to truly implement China's power system reform and make the power market more mature and perfect. To this end, he proposed to further deepen reform and accelerate innovation to promote the continuous improvement of the power market

as wenshugang said, industry experts suggest that the key to reversing the plight of the thermal power industry is to straighten out the power price formation mechanism, which requires "market coal to meet product application requirements" and "market electricity"

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