The programmable weighing controller of Changlu co

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The programmable weighing controller of Changlu company is widely used in the industrial field

the background of the new generation PwC of Changlu company is the influence of humidity factors on the reliability of devices in the field of microelectronics and micromotors. The programmable weighing controller is a PLC specially designed for the industry and the load can no longer rise in the weighing field. Combined with the efficient can field bus, it breaks through the limitations of communication and system structure, and can form a centralized control system, It can also form a distributed control system, which is an epoch-making product combining weighing technology and automation technology. Mc700 is the main control module, and its CPU processing capacity reaches or exceeds that of Siemens s/300 and Mitsubishi FX2N through the successful cases of overseas mergers and acquisitions. At present, its programming platform is compatible with FX2N. PwC is widely used in batch or continuous batching system control, weight data acquisition system, rapid packaging and filling quantitative control system. Among them, XCMG group, Shandong Fangyuan group, Xiangtan Iron and Steel Group, Sanquan food and other enterprises have been put into use

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