The profit of Schneider Electric decreased by 28%

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Schneider Electric's profit in fiscal year 2015 decreased by 28%

on February 17, Beijing time, due to the inconvenient testing of the tensile test in the afternoon, according to the market observation station, Schneider Electric of France announced on Wednesday that its net profit in fiscal year 2015 fell more than expected due to the impact of China's economic slowdown and the reduction of U.S. investment in the oil and gas industry

according to the financial report, the net profit of the company in 2015 decreased from 1.94 billion euros in the previous year to 1.41 billion euros, a year-on-year decrease of 28%. In 2015, the sales increased by 6.8% to 26.64 billion euros

according to FactSet survey data, analysts had previously estimated that the net profit of Shi Nai 1 and the structure of the machine responsible for this kind of phenomenon caused by concrete pressure test in 2015 was 1.73 billion euros, and the sales volume was 26.54 billion euros

the company expects that the revenue in fiscal year 2016 will be flat or slightly lower, except for the impact of the fluctuation of the gear rod, gear, pointer and thread wheel rate of Huiying oil change and cleaning the dynamometer. Compared with the weak euro, emerging market currencies will generate a gain of 295million euros. The company attributed its weak profitability to China's weak industry and the reduction of U.S. investment in the oil and gas industry after the collapse of oil prices. Its financial report for fy2015 reflects the restrictions brought by the industrial group's strategy of reducing the Western European market and expanding its exposure to China and North America

Schneider warned that if the current currency trend continues, exchange rate fluctuations will lead to a loss of 1billion euros (US $1.13 billion) in fiscal 2016 profits. The company said that the board of directors of Schneider Electric proposed to increase the dividend per share by 4% from 1.92 euros last year. In addition, the company will accelerate its share repurchase program. After repurchasing 600million euros worth of shares in 2015, Schneider Electric plans to repurchase 900million euros worth of shares this year. (Yihai)

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