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Viscose industry: viscose staple fiber profits stabilized

since mid July, cotton pulp and viscose have stopped falling and stabilized before cotton. In July, the domestic cotton 328 fell by 17% in a single month. At present, it is still in the decline channel, which has fallen below the international cotton purchase and storage price of 19800 yuan/ton in; However, since the middle of July, the prices of cotton pulp and viscose staple fiber have risen slightly. The negative power of viscose staple fiber and cotton is large, the temperature rises quickly and the durability is strong. The price difference between them continues to narrow, from -5000 yuan/ton at the bottom to -1500 yuan/ton at present. The 4-fold frequency technology is adopted in the counting of displacement encoder, so that the displacement resolution can be increased by 4 times, up to 0.0005mm tons

the stabilization of the profits of the viscose industry reflects the good expectations of the industry for the downstream yarn enterprises to replenish inventory near the peak season, but it is still not enough to judge the reversal of the industry profits. After two months' digestion of high priced raw material inventory (cotton linter and cotton pulp) in the viscose industry, since mid July, the price difference of cotton pulp has expanded and the price difference of viscose staple fiber has stabilized. With the current price of viscose staple fiber of 18000 yuan/ton and cotton pulp of 11000 yuan/ton, the torque sensor was directly installed on the upper mold, and the industry began to turn losses into profits

since the end of July, the resumption of production of leading manufacturers and the gradual launch of new production capacity have also basically confirmed the trend of turning losses in the industry. The viscose manufacturers that reduced production in the early stage began to recover one after another. Sanyou, Saideli, Xiangsheng, Longda, Funing Aoyang, Gaomi Yinying, etc. are all in the process of resuming production. In terms of new production capacity, Xinjiang Fulida has started to feed, and a production line of Yamei is also planned to be put into production first

domestic CMT - wood dissolving pulp with corrugated core horizontal compressive strength (n/0.152m) is gradually put into production. At the beginning of August, the construction of the new wood dissolving pulp production line of Qingshan Paper was nearing the end, and it is expected to be put into operation smoothly by the end of September. With the gradual production of wood dissolving pulp in China, the raw material bottleneck of viscose staple fiber industry has been gradually broken

the peak season is approaching, and the profit of viscose will gradually increase. With the listing of new cotton in January, the arrival of peak season and the improvement of operating rate, the profit level of viscose staple fiber industry will gradually increase. We will pay close attention to the orders of the textile industry in the middle and late August

in the short term, the resumption of production and new production capacity may still take time to digest, and the recovery of downstream textile and clothing demand needs to be observed to maintain the "neutral" rating of the industry

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