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Sun paper: profits will hit the bottom and rebound

Orient Securities predicts that the three main profit drivers of the company are expected to improve significantly in 2012. The profits of dissolved pulp jumped, the company's financial expenses fell sharply, and the performance of the paper sector rebounded. The inflection points of these three factors appear, which are expected to improve the company's profit performance in 2012

the profits of the paper sector stabilized and rebounded. In the fourth quarter of last year, the pulp price fell, the paper inventory was high, and the decline in the paper price led to the loss of most enterprises. At present, the wood pulp price has rebounded by 10% at the bottom, and it is expected that there will still be momentum to raise the price in the future. Therefore, Orient Securities predicted that the paper price also rebounded at the bottom. The bottom of the industry was established in the first quarter, and the profits began to increase in the second quarter

Orient Securities expects that the profit of 2012 will rebound to the bottom, and the rise of dissolved pulp is expected to form a Davis double click, maintaining the company's buying rating. The inflection point of three major factors affecting the company's profit in 2012 appears. The paper sector will not lag behind, the financial expenses will be saved, and the profit of dissolved pulp price can rebound. It is expected that the company's annual earnings per share and meet the needs of more customers will be 0.47 yuan, 0.62 yuan and 0.95 yuan respectively, It can give the company a PE valuation of 17 times in 2012 and then jog the jaw seat lifting button

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