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Nearly 100000 yuan was spent on the decoration of the new house. Unexpectedly, there were many defects. There were many cracks on the floor and walls, and the walls were swollen and bubbling. Mildew spots appeared in a row of floor cabinets beside the wall &hellip& hellip; Yesterday, Ms. Wen, who lives in Lanyuan, reported that there were troubles after home decoration, but the home decoration company ignored them

◆ the floor and wall opened their mouths

at Ms. Wen's house, the reporter saw cracks in many places at the door of her house and on the floor on the south side of the living room, some of which are relatively large. On the south wall of the West bedroom, the white paint has expanded and foamed, some have fallen off, and some have cracks. Open a row of floor cabinets close to the wall. There are a lot of dark green sawdust in the cabinets, and a musty smell comes to my nostrils. Ms. Wen told reporters that the house was decorated by a well-known home decoration company in the city at the end of May the year before last. After completion, some problems have emerged in succession, such as floor cracks, which were repaired twice by the company last year. At present, these problems were discovered after this summer. She reported to the company on October 18. After checking her home on October 20, the staff of the home decoration company said that it was not the responsibility of the home decoration company. Later, she went to the decoration company for many times without reply. Ms. Wen said that the purchase cost more than 170000 yuan at the beginning, while the home decoration cost nearly 100000 yuan, because it was the contract of labor and materials. Of course, the home decoration company was responsible for any problems

◆ the decoration Association formulates standard contracts

the reporter reflected this situation to the municipal decoration Association. The staff of the decoration Association said that the residential interior decoration contract should include the content and duration of the decoration project warranty, but the specific duration and details of the warranty are agreed by both parties. At present, the contracts of various home decoration companies are enterprise contracts, which are different. In recent years, the decoration association has realized that there is chaos in the home decoration market in our city, and has drafted a normative contract with very detailed terms. In addition, in view of the tricky price of home decoration materials, the association has also drafted a guiding price document for housing decoration. At present, it has been separately reported to the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce and the Municipal Price Bureau for approval, which can be implemented after approval. At present, Ms. Wen's situation should be coordinated with the home decoration company

◆ home decoration company: the quality problem was caused by the external wall

the reporter then contacted the home decoration company. Mr. Zhang, the person in charge of the company, said that in fact, the originally agreed warranty period was one year, which has now passed, but the company does not leave it alone at present. In fact, the floor, wall, floor cabinet, etc. have been repaired many times, but it broke again after a period of time. According to the company's analysis, it was caused by the leakage of the external wall, The leakage of the external wall is not the responsibility of the home decoration company, so the company requires the owner to solve the leakage of the external wall first, and must deal with the problems of the floor, wall and floor cabinet for it. Otherwise, even if it is repaired now, it will still treat the symptoms rather than the root cause

the reporter also consulted lawyer Huang of Yangzhou jianghuaisheng law firm. Lawyer Huang said that if the wall bubbles and cracks, you can ask qualified authorities, such as the construction project quality inspection station, to detect the place where the problem occurs. If it is a housing quality problem, you can find the developer. If it is a home decoration quality problem, the home decoration company is duty bound




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