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Chinese style household items with unique design not only make love home full of cultural charm, but also reflect the owner's good taste and attitude towards life. The following 10 household items, whether cooking delicious food in the kitchen or enjoying delicious food in the restaurant, these modern Chinese household items with Oriental beauty will bring you the most special enjoyment

two piece set of retro plastic tray

retro colors and light ink paintings are very retro in China. The small plastic tray carries such a profound Chinese artistic conception

good luck colorful lion ball porcelain bottle

the porcelain bottle takes the bright red tone as the main color, coupled with the traditional classic element of lion dance and green picking, which is very rich in Chinese style. The embossed lion dance is vivid and three-dimensional


the small ashtray combines Chinese calligraphy, seals, carving, classic red and other elements, with a very Chinese flavor. On the surface, it has a full three-dimensional feeling and is extremely retro

Beaded auspicious cloud handbag

the resplendent sequins highlight a kind of luxurious taste. With the decoration of auspicious cloud pattern, it has the symbolic meaning of Chinese auspiciousness, classic retro, and rich fashion flavor

classic round enamel cast iron

the bright Chinese red gives people a bright feeling. This soup pot adopts the classic round design, integrates Chinese style elements, and has great charm and heritage


this chair adopts a single Chinese red tone, and its color is bright and eye-catching. The shape is like a traditional Chinese Carved fence, with a touch of Chinese court color

pan Quan Rui snake cup

the white snake winding up naturally forms a handle, which is very vivid, just like the image of Pan Quan Rui snake, full of artistic conception

the chair is rigid and soft

the wooden chair is simple and simple, and the color is single, but it does not appear monotonous at all. The partial solid wood hollow out design is ingenious and skillful, which seems to be integrated into the Chinese thought of combining hardness and softness

occa coffee table

the simple round table, coupled with the dazzling lemon yellow, is very simple and fashionable in modern Chinese style

poplar cabinet

bright red, bright but not publicized, unique traditional Chinese style, low-key luxury. Solid wood material adds a bit of Chinese charm, quite a sense of precipitation of years

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