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(high quality home decoration, Carty doors and windows) in home decoration, sliding door is a common kind. Because it can save a certain amount of space and has good light transmittance, it is widely used at home. For this sliding door

(high-quality home decoration, Carty doors and windows) in home decoration, sliding doors are common. Because they can save a certain amount of space and have good light transmission, they are widely used at home. How to choose this sliding door

1. Look: the so-called look is to look at the profile section. There are many kinds of sliding door profiles on the market. For high-quality sliding doors Profiles are made of aluminum alloy, and their biggest advantage is in the degree of toughness. Therefore, when purchasing, the buyer should let the merchant show the profile of the product and understand the real material of the product

2. Listen: the sliding door can be used only after the upper and lower pulleys are installed. And this listening is to listen to the vibration of the pulley. The upper pulley plays a guiding role and is installed in the upper part of the track. Therefore, it is often ignored by buyers, and there is no noise when it slides smoothly. It should be noted that the sliding door is not as light as possible when sliding, but has a certain sense of self-respect in the process of use. When it is smooth, there is no vibration, noise and other phenomena

3. Lifting: sliding door Divided into upper and lower pulleys, whether the ground rail design is reasonable will directly affect the service life and service life of the product. So when picking, pay attention to the track height and edge banding fastness. Choose a style that feels good and is convenient for cleaning and hygiene

with the improvement of quality of life, sliding doors are increasingly used in various partitions, such as bedroom partitions, leisure area partitions, etc. In general, the sliding door has four main advantages: first, it is convenient to open and close without occupying a position; second, the lighting surface is large; third, it is beautiful; fourth, the space is larger and not depressed




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