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There are many kinds of fabric for cloth sofa, and different fabric styles are different, such as pure cotton, linen, flannelette, etc. each has its own characteristics and styles, mainly depending on which style you prefer. Then, let's introduce the fabric of fabric sofa and the purchasing skills of fabric sofa

what are the fabrics of cloth sofa

1. Pure cotton sofa

the cloth sofa made of pure cotton is soft, breathable, environmental friendly, very close to the skin, and is the most used and most widely occupied fabric in the market at present

2. Flannelette sofa

flannelette sofa has good dustproof and antifouling performance, fashionable appearance, and it feels very delicate, but the price is slightly more expensive than other cloth sofa

3. Linen sofa

linen sofa has good thermal conductivity, non fading, wear-resistant, non pilling and other characteristics, and there is no need to worry about sweating and sticky

4. Blended sofa

although the visual effect of blended sofa is good, it is natural and pure in design and color, cheap in price, easy to wash and iron, gorgeous in color, durable and elastic

fabric sofa purchasing skills

1. Observe the fabric and color process

the fabric of fabric sofa is better to choose the thicker one, and the color should be consistent with the home decoration style, so that the effect will be better and give people a very comfortable feeling

2. Carefully check the structure of the sofa

to see whether the structure of the sofa is firm. You can push it by hand to see whether it shakes or makes a sound. You can also open the bottom cloth under the seat to check. If there are no worms and scars, and the joint between materials is not nailed with nails, there is no problem in quality

3. Check the condition of sofa wrapping

to see whether the fabric of the wrapping cloth sticks to the internal filler, especially the armrest, and whether the arc is smooth, smooth, plump and beautiful. Whether the height of the armrest is consistent with the natural extension of the two arms; Whether it is comfortable to sit and whether it is comfortable to stand up. After standing up, take a look at the fabric at the hips, back and armrests to see if there are any wrinkles that are obviously loose and can't be recovered for a long time

4. Check whether the frame of the fabric sofa is strong.

you can check the firmness of the frame of the fabric sofa. You can lift one end of the sofa, and the lifted part is 260px above the ground, and then check whether the other end is off the ground. If it is off the ground, it means that the frame is solid

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