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Auto aftermarket is the first choice for the transformation of professional market

many professional markets are facing the bottleneck of development, and some are even struggling. Is it the big environment or the Internet impact? What is hindering development? Under this situation, how should the professional market transform and find a way out

01 Competition for homogeneous projects has increased

there is great downward pressure on the economy, the demand for domestic and foreign trade has decreased, coupled with the repeated construction of homogeneous professional markets, the proliferation of unlicensed markets has not been effectively stopped in time, and the chaotic situation of vicious competition in the industry has been further exacerbated

02 Lack of professional management talents

in terms of hardware, the development of the professional market has been fully improved after four stages. However, the improvement of software is still in the second and third stages. The fundamental factor behind this is the lack of talents and management personnel in the market

03 Backward business concept

due to the lack of good managers to guide and drive market operators to update their business model and service concept, the innovative business ability of market operators has not been fully explored, making the overall market development stagnant. Many market operators still stay in the business model of the original accumulation period. Developers and property developers are too cautious to cope with the operation in the Internet era and refuse to accept new business concepts and services

04 Internet shock

the impact of Internet is the most intuitive phenomenon that hinders the development of the professional market. Internet breaks the regional advantages of the professional market and seizes the original cake of the market

today, the economic benefits of the professional market continue to decline, a large number of merchants withdraw from the market, and the property management is powerless. It seems that the professional market has been declining. At this moment, is it persistence? Or change? Although the reports so far have been encouraging, the so-called "poverty leads to change and change leads to long-term development", it is better to change and seek a breakthrough than to wait for death

why choose the automotive aftermarket for professional market transformation

in the trillion market, there will be a large number of customer groups and business opportunities with the recycled plastic granulator you want without being the main processing machine

according to the data released by the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of public security, by the end of 2014, the number of motor vehicles in China had reached 264million, including 154million; The number of motor vehicle drivers exceeded 300million, including more than 246million. The national average is 25 private cars per 100 households. With the growth of automobile ownership, the scale of automobile aftermarket reached 920 billion yuan in 2016. According to the 10% growth rate, China's automotive aftermarket will be hundreds of millions in 2017

commercial real estate needs a new way out according to the "green building action plan" issued by China

the impact of Internet on traditional business is becoming more and more intense. Shopping centers, professional markets and commercial complexes are not immune. Practitioners are looking for new business forms and ways to gather customers and prosper business. This type of business needs to have four characteristics:

1. The business itself has considerable profits

2. It can gather middle - and high-income groups, prolong consumption time

3. It has a certain scale, and promote the development of other business forms

4. Online transactions can not be replaced, but can only help the business form improve the new model of the service

automobile aftermarket - Shangan car town

1. Attract the most valuable customer group - car owners, and form a strong viscous relationship

2. Strong profitability, low difficulty in attracting investment, with the ability of sustainable operation

3. Long effective consumption time, it is an ideal core business form of a commercial body

4. Flexible location selection, strong plasticity of urban suburban projects

5. Full range of business forms, with catering, leisure, supermarkets, e-commerce, hotels, tourism Professional market and other types of business interact well

6. The construction period is short, the transformation fund is not high, the landing speed is fast, and the driving ability is strong

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