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Apbus smart home system design scheme

the intelligentization of home life is the most humanized application of computer network and communication technology, which brings a new feeling to people's home life. Today, with the help of control or Internet, you can make LANXESS further expand its business and production capacity according to the needs of the next few years, monitor your home conditions at any time, and bring unprecedented convenience to your home life. In the design of this scheme, the home control bus technology with high performance price ratio - Apbus is used to realize the automation of home control and home security. The whole intelligent home system includes six subsystems: indoor lighting system, AC power supply system, wireless remote control system, remote control system, anti-theft alarm system, digital voice function, etc

the smart home system independently developed by Hong Kong yongtaifeng International Co., Ltd. adopts the international advanced power/signal hybrid transmission technology. The system has functions and characteristics unmatched by other systems, and is the typical representative of the smart home system most in line with China's national conditions at present

1.apbus smart home system features

easy to expand - Apbus csma/cf (Carrier Sense Multiple Access with collision free) can provide collision free data transmission function, and solve the problem of signal transmission in the construction of large buildings and villas

not limited by address – it can accommodate up to 4294967296 modules at the same time

excellent function recently - as the system uses a fully distributed bidirectional network, in case of problems in individual modules, the operation of other modules will not be affected

standardized module combination - modules can freely communicate information with each other and construct numerous control combinations

simple installation - topology free and non-polar network makes installation easy

simple laying - first lay the indoor lines in advance, and then install new modules when necessary in the future

easy maintenance - the module exchange function makes maintenance simple and convenient, thus minimizing the maintenance cost

2.apbus smart home system description

indoor lighting system

indoor lighting is mainly composed of fluorescent lamps, chandeliers, wall lamps, spotlights and floor lamps. Except fluorescent lamps, all other lamps can be adjusted for brightness to meet different needs. The living room and living room are equipped with a variety of light combinations to make the ambient light more comfortable. At the same time, more changes can be made to adapt to different situations. For example, brighter lights may be required when guests visit and talk freely at gatherings, while soft lights will be more enjoyable when listening to classical music or light music; To turn the living room into a home theater to watch wonderful movies, the lights need to be dimmer. All lights are controlled by the high-tech touch electronic switch. Just touch a button to produce a preset lighting effect. It is not only very convenient to use, but also adds more colors to your home life

AC power supply system

at present, most household appliances are supplied with AC power through power sockets. However, ordinary sockets do not provide an effective supply control. Even though each socket is equipped with a switch, it is not easy to turn off all electrical appliances before going out. As a result, there is a tragedy of fire caused by leakage of washing machines, fans and audio appliances. This system can provide an effective control means for all lighting appliances. For example, you can press one button to turn off all lighting appliances before you go out (or go to bed), and press another button after you get home (or get up in the morning) to restore the previous power supply. It is very simple. In fact, through this power supply control system, you can control your lighting appliances anywhere and at any time. For example, when the whole family is traveling, you can also control your home by remote control. This will be further explained below

wireless remote control system

wireless remote control can bring convenience to your home life. The following are some scenarios using wireless remote control system:

when you are watching TV in the living room, you can conveniently turn off unnecessary lights and appliances in the kitchen, corridor, terrace and room through the remote control, without missing the key plot because you get up and operate

when the child's room is locked and he forgets to turn off the light, you can use the remote control to turn off the light across the wall

when you go to work and your child is at home on holiday, you can use your portable remote control to cut off the power supply of the TV so that the child can concentrate on his homework; When the child finishes his homework and tells you, you can turn on the TV through the remote control, so that the child can watch his favorite and educational programs as a reward

when you go home at night, just click on the portable remote control, the front lights of your home will automatically light up, and then the lights in the corridor and living room will light up in turn, and the anti-theft alarm system will automatically remove the defense, Your home is ready to welcome you back

remote control system

with the help of the control system, you can monitor your home conditions almost anywhere and at any time:

if you hurry to work or go out and forget to turn off the water heater, air conditioner and other equipment, you can turn it off as long as you call one, without having to rush home to deal with it

if you go home for lunch or lunch break on a hot day and the time is very urgent, you can connect the power supply of the electric cooker and the living room air conditioner before you go home. In this way, when you return home, you can not only enjoy the friction resistance of the hydraulic tester in real time, which mainly produces the appropriate air conditioning between the working cylinder and the working piston, but also have meals and soup immediately, which brings you unprecedented convenience

the remote control is also used in other aspects. For example, when your family is on vacation or traveling, you can turn on the lighting or even the TV stereo at an appropriate time to create the illusion that someone is at home and prevent lawless people from taking advantage of it

anti theft alarm system

the system is mainly composed of the following detection devices or sensors:

human movement detector or microwave plus passive infrared detector

gas leakage detector

smoke detector

audible and visual alarm

door and window magnetic switch alarm device

curtain type dual element infrared probe

fully automatic human infrared sensor switch

emergency alarm button

when the system is in alert state

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