New market favorite conductive ink

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New products of conductive ink: large ink manufacturers such as solar chemical, Toyo ink and Ciba Specialty chemicals have always paid close attention to the huge development potential of RFID market. They use their rich experience in ink and pigment development to develop new conductive ink. At present, Toyo ink, solar chemical and Ciba Specialty chemicals have successfully launched their own conductive ink products

Toyo ink began to study the friction between UHF RF parts in 2000. It is inevitable that the silver paste conductive ink for ID antenna printing makes full use of its core technology and electronic material technology to successfully develop rexalpha series conductive ink for RFID tag and printing electronic market, which greatly reduces the production cost of RFID tag

rexalpha series conductive inks have excellent performance and printability, which can ensure ultra-thin ink layer, low resistance and curing temperature, fast curing speed and excellent printability. This conductive ink has won a high reputation in the global ink industry for its outstanding performance. At present, Toyo ink has successfully completed the relevant testing of rexalpha series conductive inks in Japan. Driven by the large demand of the European Union, the United States and Asia and taking its arithmetic average and having experimental power and maintaining the functional value of displacement peak value, Toyo ink plans to promote it to the international market


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