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Application of anti-counterfeiting printing in packaging and decoration release date: Source: China paper industry 1. Anti counterfeiting of printing design. A successful anti-counterfeiting packaging and printing product first requires packaging designers to carefully combine a variety of anti-counterfeiting means to carry out a comprehensive design, so as to achieve a better anti-counterfeiting effect. Today, China's paper industry starts with anti-counterfeiting printing. Let's introduce the relevant contents in detail

1. Anti counterfeiting design of trademarks and bottle stickers

generally, the popular trademark anti-counterfeiting design mostly uses the product trademark made into a laser holographic rainbow mold to be directly stamped on the printed object, making it high-grade and luxurious. Because the production of laser holographic iris plate is a kind of advanced technology, it is generally not easy to fake it; Moreover, even with technology and equipment, it is impossible to copy a trademark with the same original object and color. The anti-counterfeiting design of bottle stickers is best to use disposable adhesive paper, so that it can't be removed, even by steam fumigation, such as the current popular special timely stickers

2. Anti counterfeiting design of the opening structure of the box cover and box bottom

the opening part of the box cover and box bottom mostly adopts pasting seals and sealing labels. Although the disposable sealing sticker made of laser holographic iris can play an important role, the packaging box will not be damaged after unsealing, and it can be recycled by the counterfeiter to package the fake goods, which is very unsafe. At present, a new type of anti-counterfeiting structure with the opening of the box cover and the non opening of the box bottom has been invented and popularized. The opening of the box cover is made by sealing the cover tongue and the box body with a strong adhesive, designing a breakpoint indentation on the back of the box body, and die cutting it at the same time with the box body. Consumers only need to press the box cover with their hands, press the indentation with their thumbs, and then lift the box conveniently. At the same time, the box can not be used again. The bottom of the box can be designed into a non openable structure; After the structure is formed, the strength and bearing capacity are very good, the box cannot be opened without destroying the box body, and there is no need to bond, so the anti-counterfeiting effect is very good

3. Anti counterfeiting design of decoration

anti counterfeiting technology of banknote design is often used for reference in decoration. Without affecting the overall effect, many exquisite and fine patterns and geometric patterns are used; In order to prevent counterfeiters from using the copy (including color copy) machine and electric extension scanning method to forge, it is best to use neutral tone configuration. When designing some packaging decoration with high lightness and elegant style requirements, it is advisable to lay some colorless ink or special ink similar to the color of the bottom paper on the bottom paper to form regular dense patterns or irregular texture patterns; Long distance blind, near the effect is very beautiful. It not only improves the grade of goods, but also has a particularly obvious anti-counterfeiting effect. The anti-counterfeiting of decoration can also adopt design means such as miniaturized words and secret marks in hidden places. For example, some words related to commodities are miniaturized into small characters that can only be vaguely recognized by the naked eye and embedded somewhere. Or remove a gap in some of the larger words that Li Yongwu met with the chairman of the board of directors of Bayer materials technology group, which makes people mistakenly believe that it is a refuge during printing. Moreover, adding a few lines and dots to the detailed geometric patterns is also an excellent way to make a secret note

II. Anti counterfeiting of printing paper

watermark paper should be the first traditional anti-counterfeiting printing paper. Watermark paper refers to the use of technical means to make the required marks, patterns, etc. into the paper in the manufacturing process. It is not easy to see under normal circumstances, and it can only be seen through strong light transmission. Most of the large denominations of RMB issued in China are printed on watermark paper. Banknotes, important international documents, facility drawings and various tickets of most countries are printed on watermark paper. The working principle of water Jinan assay hydraulic system the production process of printing paper was invented by Italian papermaking experts in the 13th century. Because it integrates the complex process of design, mold carving, paper making and papermaking in the manufacturing process. Therefore, it often makes counterfeiters helpless. Checking the watermark is also one of the most effective means to identify the true and false

special anti-counterfeiting paper can also add a certain proportion of colored fiber or fluorescent fiber in the papermaking process, and then strictly control the formula. There are also metal wires embedded in paper, which are called safety wires. If this kind of paper is reasonably used in the packaging of high-grade famous brand goods, it can make the goods mysterious and luxurious, and the counterfeiters are afraid at the sight of it. With the rapid development of high technology, papermaking technology has also made great progress after integrating other technologies. For example, various colors of business card paper, pearlescent paper, laser iris paper, gold foil paper and silver foil paper formed by the combination of metal and paper, embossed paper and refractive paper formed by reprocessing can be reflected under different light, which are colorful. If you properly master its nature, you still don't get any benefits from your hard work. As an anti-counterfeiting printing paper, the effect and force produced can't be underestimated

III. anti counterfeiting of printing inks

properly mastering and using ink materials with anti-counterfeiting effect can sometimes get twice the result with half the effort

1. Thermochromic inks

some scientific research departments and manufacturers at home and abroad have successfully developed some thermochromic inks with different characteristics. The color of this ink will change under certain external heating conditions. It can be divided into two categories: one is reversible, that is, after discoloration, once the heat source is removed, the ink color can be restored to its original state; The other is irreversible, that is, after the heat source is removed, the ink color cannot be restored. The printing factory can produce special patterns or identification plates according to the requirements of users, and use this ink to print to the hidden place of packaging and decoration or any designated position, and can change the location and color of the secret mark at any time, making it difficult for people to forge. When verifying the authenticity of a commodity, use a heat source with a certain temperature, such as a lighter, matches, a cup filled with boiling water, a hot hair dryer, etc. to smoke and bake. The secret parts immediately produce obvious color changes, and the hidden signs also appear one after another, so that the authenticity of the commodity can be quickly identified

2. Photochromic inks

photochromic inks can be divided into two categories: one is ordinary type, which indicates that under the action of ordinary sunlight and strong light, the ink will change color, or from deep to light, or from light to deep, or from colored to colorless, or from colorless to colored. If you leave the light source, it will return to its original state. The application of this kind of ink in packaging and decoration can not only improve the grade of goods, increase interest and highlight the anti-counterfeiting effect. Moreover, it is useless for the counterfeiter to attempt to directly copy the original with a copier or an electronic extension. At the same time, the words "false and invalid" can also be printed with ordinary ink on the bottom paper, and then covered with this ink to make it hidden. After copying, the photosensitivity can be shown, and it can give a blow to the counterfeiter. The other is UV type. This kind of ink is colorless or does not change under the irradiation of ordinary light source, but it will show bright red, orange red, yellow green and green Yingguang under the irradiation of UV light (i.e. UV). General large denomination banknotes are printed with this ink, which can show the authenticity under the action of the banknote detector

3. Magnetic ink

magnetic ink is a special ink made by mixing magnetic iron oxide powder into the ink

at this stage, it is mainly used for magnetic coded words and symbols of bank tickets, which has the effect of recording and storing information. Put the ticket printed with magnetic code into the magnetic code reader to distinguish the authenticity. Proper use in packaging and decoration can have strong and safer anti-counterfeiting

4. Biochemical reaction ink

this ink is mixed with substances that can produce biochemical reactions. You can first use this ink to print an invisible mark on the package and the prints that need anti-counterfeiting. Then, select the chemical reagent according to the formula, and operate by slight heat, wetting, friction and other methods, and the words or patterns will be exposed. Because of the complex chemical composition, it is very difficult to fake. This ink is used in some confidential documents and important tickets

5. Liquid crystal ink

liquid crystal ink refers to the addition of compounds with crystalline properties to the ink. Under the influence of weak current and temperature, the lattice of liquid crystal changes and shows light and dark patterns and colors. The printed matter printed with this ink can react with the change of temperature. If calendar paintings are printed, they will show different colors with the change of temperature in the four seasons. Its anti-counterfeiting effect is also immeasurable in the field of packaging and decoration

6. Printing ink

the configuration of printing ink mainly depends on the mixing of pigments, fillers, connecting materials, etc. Among them, the composition selection of pigments is an important link to determine the hue and brightness of prints. The allocation of ink is also a very complex problem. Some packaging and decoration manufacturers with large consumption point their products at this large-scale and technologically advanced printing factory. At the same time, they have customized the special printing ink for each product with the ink factory, and the formula is kept confidential by the ink factory

its anti-counterfeiting effect is self-evident

IV. anti counterfeiting of printing process

with the development of high technology and people's demand for high-quality packaging and printing products, the packaging and printing industry has carried out a wide range of technological revolution. With the introduction of computer design and prepress system, it is no longer a myth that packaging and printing can design samples and produce high-level printing plates in a few hours; Many people are amazed by the products printed by the computer system control of multicolor offset printing machines and gravure printing machines; The mutual use of various printing equipment and the mutual penetration of various printing processes make printing products more unpredictable and colorful. The products produced by these new technologies have set up layers of obstacles for those trying. Because counterfeiters generally do not master these advanced technologies and equipment

1. Flat convex combined printing and multi process combined printing

generally, high-grade packaging and decoration printing products are mostly designed with large areas of color blocks, multi-color sequence continuous tone pictures and complex lines and patterns, which bring certain difficulties to a single printing means. If you use flat convex printing, it is different, that is, you use the advantages of high pressure and uniform inking of convex printing machine to print a large area of field color blocks, and use the advantages of flat and soft pressure of lithographic printing machine to print four-color eyes and complex line parts. In this way, the role of developing strengths and avoiding weaknesses is very obvious. For some more demanding and complex prints, you can also use flat, convex, concave, flat, convex, concave, leakage and other multi process combined printing. In short, the more complex the printing process is, the more difficult the printing is, the better the anti-counterfeiting effect will be

2. Multicolor cross printing

multicolor cross printing is also called cross color printing, which is usually printed by relief machine. It is based on the requirements of printing, after placing a partition in the ink tank, and then put a variety of colors of ink. A printing process in which adjacent inks are mixed under the shaking force of the inking roller and then transmitted to the printing plate. It can print a variety of colors at one time, and use the intermediate transition layer to soften it. Because it is difficult to see the placement distance of the ink tank partition from the print, it can also play a role in increasing production capacity and reducing counterfeiting. If this technology is used on a large area of shading, its anti-counterfeiting effect will be more prominent

3. Laser holographic iris printing

laser holographic iris printing uses laser holography to make a template in the shockproof chamber and transfer it to a carrier through a certain pressure. Under the irradiation of 45 ° point light source, its products can produce color billows and seven rainbow shaped unique

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