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Panasonic PLC is looking for dealers in South China. Product introduction:

the FA product business department of Panasonic electric (China) Co., Ltd. is specially responsible for the marketing of PLC, programmable intelligent operation panel, frequency converter and other automatic control products. In order to fully expand the product market, we are looking for competent units in South China as regional dealers. Please call or email if you are interested. The main agent products are: full series FP series PLC, full series frequency converter, programmable intelligent operation panel, intelligent vision system and other products

company introduction:

Panasonic Electric Co., Ltd. was founded by Matsushita Yukiko in 1918. Panasonic electric (China) Co., Ltd. was established in September 1997 as the "investment company thermosetting sheet company" that fully undertakes the sales of Panasonic electric in China, and launched activities in July 1998. The products produced by the joint venture in China have been officially distributed since August 1999. In March, 2000, we accepted the sales commission of the joint venture production company and carried out business activities centered on six domestic strongholds (Dalian, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen). The products distributed by Panasonic electric (China) Co., Ltd. involve all the products of the six business departments of Panasonic electric in Japan (the electric universal servo experimental machine adopts Electromechanical to drive the precision screw pair rotator, lighting, information device, housing and construction, electronic materials, and control device through the belt pulley deceleration system)

dealer requirements:

1 With industrial control product terminal operation experience and sound sales network

2. It has independent legal personality and industrial and commercial registration

3. There is a distinction between the two can also refer to the relevant division of electronic universal testing machine to determine the economic strength and professional terminal sales, management, after-sales service team

4. There are fixed and complete office facilities and a good storage environment

5. Unswervingly follow the brand line and jointly seek long-term development

6. Be able to jointly expand the market and build a brand effect

7. Be able to identify with the corporate culture of Panasonic

8. The dealer's first purchase is not less than 50000 yuan

support available:

1 National unified well-known brand image, excellent product quality and advanced technology development

2. Professionals follow up for a long time and help distributors of electronic universal testing machines to explore the market

3 Comprehensive and systematic professional guidance support, providing technical training guidance,

4 Strict terminal maintenance measures to protect the interests of dealers

5 Well made product color page publicity support

6 Implement a reasonable rebate system to create profit space for dealers

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