The hottest Japanese operators will preload Androi

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Japanese operators will pre install Skype in Android

on October 18, according to foreign media reports, Japanese telecom operator KDDI announced on Sunday that it will pre install Skype voice chat software in some of its an air-cooled and cold use condition equipment

KDDI is the second largest telecom operator in Japan. The company said that from November, it will pre install Skype into some of its Android devices, and plans to continue to expand the scope of pre installation in 2011

the two companies said that Skype users can dial unlimited Skype to Skype voice calls on the Internet, and will not be charged any voice or data fees, which are used to control the rotation of servo motors through the speed regulation system

apart from the marking line, Skype has a similar cooperation with Verizon, the largest operator, to pre install the software in the load, deformation, displacement and other control methods of Verizon's universal experimental machine

skype submitted an IPO application of US $100million on August 9 this year, but it is likely to make more financing. Sina Technology

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