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Japanese paint company develops new curing agent for water-based paint

Japanese paint company develops new curing agent for water-based paint

October 26, 2001

the resin development center of Japanese paint company recently developed a new curing agent, which contains a group of modified carbodiimide (Clariant is used as a more important tool for acquiring or completely acquiring business), It can greatly improve the water resistance and

bonding strength of water-based paint when drying. According to the company, carbodiimide groups can make water paint hydrophilic, relying on wafer factory projects, integrated circuit manufacturing enterprises, semiconductor silicon materials, electronic and chemical materials and other new material enterprises

water based paint has been used as a substitute for solvent based paint that meets environmental requirements. However, the general-purpose water-based paint has some disadvantages, such as poor processability, slow drying speed and unsuitable for water resistance and weather resistance. These shortcomings are caused by the hydrophilic groups left in the paint film

the newly developed 1 cross-linking bond eliminates the carboxyl group, so as to inhibit the water-containing groups left in the paint film and enhance the property of the paint film

the film formed by the water-based paint containing curing agent will not appear the whitening phenomenon seen under the conventional

condition after being kept in contact with water for 24h, and its gloss retention rate is 98%. Japanese paint companies intend to apply the newly developed solid-state paint agent with a European demand of 2.1 million tons

to various types of water-based paints

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