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The Japanese mold industry has gradually moved low-end molds out

in order to reduce costs and maintain profits, the Japanese mold industry is currently moving low-end molds out, retaining only high-end mold products. In response to this phenomenon, this industrial model of low-end mold relocation can not only solve the high cost pressure of Japanese molds, but also expand the overseas mold market, which to a certain extent enhances the competitiveness of Japanese molds in the world market in the fields of aerospace, fire safety, military equipment and so on. Due to the rise in the price of raw materials and the increase in labor costs, coupled with the impact of the financial crisis, and the shrinkage of the global market, the mold industry in all countries in the world has been impacted to varying degrees, and the profits of the mold industry have declined

in order to keep profits, Japan's mold industry has re arranged its industrial layout. Now the die-casting die industry in Japan is gradually shifting the production of molds with low technical content to areas with low labor costs, such as India, Thailand and Myanmar. Therefore, we can only use countries such as India, Thailand and Myanmar first, while Japan only produces products with high technical content. Through the adjustment of industrial structure, Japan has accelerated the transfer of mold enterprises with low technology and high cost to foreign countries, reducing the number of low-end molds in Japan, while the added value of its domestic high-precision mold industry is very Weston? The consumption of antioxidant in 705 decreased by 20%, and the profit of mold industry in Japan did not decrease after the replacement of pendulum and sample base

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