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Nippon Paint has developed a new water-based paint for automobiles. The viscosity of the paint can be controlled by itself to prevent the paint film from flowing. In the application stage, the new coating can maintain low viscosity, but immediately after application, it shows excellent viscosity that can prevent the film from flowing down. The water-based coating is not susceptible to the application strip cm; The amount of solvent is also less than that of the existing water-based coatings. It is reported that its frequency as a car power supply is 50Hz; New water-based paint products will be introduced to the market as soon as possible

the new water-based coating adopts a lotion containing double-layer structural materials of core layer/shell layer. After the joint expansion of additives and shell components, the minimum cost of the expanded plastic bag is only a few cents of money expansion, so the cost is reduced, and it shows an excellent viscous structure after application. Therefore, the coating maintains low viscosity before storage, transportation and application, and shows excellent construction and easy handling performance. Once applied, it has excellent adhesion, which greatly improves the stability of the coating

the application experiment of water-based metal coating based on this new coating shows that compared with the traditional organic solvent based resin coating containing amide group, this water-based coating can obtain ultra-high coating workability and coating quality

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