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Mitsubishi developed bio based polycarbonate

Mitsubishi Chemical Company said it had developed a bio based polycarbonate resin

the comonomer of durabio, a transparent bioengineering plastic developed by Mitsubishi Chemical, uses isosorbitol as raw material instead of traditional bisphenol A. Isosorbitol, extracted from glucose, is a widely used biological raw material

a material giant company in Tokyo said that durabio is non biodegradable and has excellent durability, so it is suitable for a series of engineering applications. Compared with traditional PC resin, the main characteristics of this product include: high transparency, excellent optical properties and high wear resistance. Mitsubishi Chemical said that durabio has better optical properties and impact resistance than traditional PC resin

Mitsubishi focuses on optics and energy, electronic instruments, automobiles, decoration, which is a very huge advantage decoration field, and is the potential development application field of durabio

the company also said that durabio's excellent optical performance was due to his seeing a new example of material science, its raw material isosorbitol. Unlike traditional BPA (bisphenol A), isosorbitol is an aliphatic chemical. In addition to high transparency and optical uniformity, the polycarbonate resin will turn slightly yellow only when exposed to light. Its transparency makes it easy to use non-metallic mineral fillers for plastics. It can usually be considered that there is artificial mining in nature, which greatly extends the application life and stability of machinery! From a long time, non-metallic mineral materials with the above defined properties and added to plastics are used for coloring, even darker tones and metallic effect paints

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