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The application of anti-counterfeiting printing technology

Shanghai printing company in recent years, the research of anti-counterfeiting printing technology, the development, production and sales of printing plants in China, and the annual output value of anti-counterfeiting products of Shanghai printing plant has reached more than one billion yuan, forming a new industry of self-adhesive printing anti-counterfeiting printing technology products

anti counterfeiting printing technology printing companies are involved in many scientific fields, such as optics, chemistry, electromagnetism, computer technology, printing company spectrum technology, printing technology, graphic character code technology, etc., which belong to a cross edge science of advertising printing. Among them, anti-counterfeiting ink technology occupies a very important position and plays an irreplaceable role in Shanghai printing

the anti-counterfeiting printing technology of printing houses in China mainly focuses on the research and development of Shanghai printing in the fields of various securities and commodity trademarks

it is mainly manifested in the following six aspects:

first, paper anti-counterfeiting

paper printing plants are the material basis for printing various securities. Some special papers made by special processes have anti-counterfeiting characteristics in basic digital printing. The anti-counterfeiting technology used in special paper for silk printing mainly includes:

anti-counterfeiting paper

anti counterfeiting printing paper as a new development of business card printing in the field of anti-counterfeiting technology, Its advantages include the following aspects: CD printing. First of all, it directly makes holographic patterns, packages and prints them on paper, removing the printing information layer of plastic textiles, so it is rarely possible to copy color printing

secondly, the pattern on the anti-counterfeiting paper of Shanghai business card printing can be designed and made according to the requirements of the merchants in Shanghai packaging design. The carbon free carbon copy paper can produce 400 grams of paper with different textures and different grams of scratch cards needed by the merchants, such as coated paper, silk card paper, cardboard, and it can also print envelopes like ordinary paper, and then offset printing, silk screen printing, etc. digital printing is both reliable and convenient

third, the price of this kind of poster design anti-counterfeiting paper is only slightly higher than the ordinary composite gold and silver cardboard of Shanghai advertising design company. The flag design is only one tenth of the sample design equivalent to the price of holographic anti-counterfeiting trademark. Andre, a physicist at the University of Manchester, UK, saves the labor cost of CD-ROM printing for labeling, and is easy to be accepted by businesses. Fourth, direct magazine printing products packaged with this kind of laser anti-counterfeiting paper glass printing, The leaflet design can not only play a role in anti-counterfeiting, but also very beautiful. Fifth, since Shanghai self-adhesive printing holographic paper can be weathered in the soil after being discarded, it will not cause environmental pollution. Therefore, for example, electronic and electrical accessories carrier, it will gradually replace laser holographic products with instructions printed with plastic film

at present, some card printing companies producing cigarettes, alcohol, cosmetics, food manufacturers have begun to initially try to use laser holographic anti-counterfeiting paper, and achieved good economic benefits in packaging design. It is expected that this new anti-counterfeiting poster design packaging material will have a broad market

watermark paper

watermark paper in the design and manufacturing process of pipes made of thermoplastic materials or glass fiber reinforced plastics, which are commonly used to escort water or steam business cards, technical means can be used to make the required logo, patterns, etc. into the paper. These patterns are not easy to see under normal circumstances, and can be seen only against strong light. Most of the large denomination RMB issued by digital printing in China is printed with watermark paper. In the era of advanced science and technology, watermark is still regarded as an effective anti-counterfeiting technology by anti-counterfeiting experts all over the world. It continues to be adopted and developed by all countries. Banknotes, important international documents, facility drawings and various tickets in most countries are also printed with watermark paper. For example, the new US dollar paper of the flyer design year adopts the watermark of "fulanklin" portrait, and the watermark of scratch cards "Tiananmen Square" and "Mao Zedong" are made in China's large denomination RMB paper. Besides being used in currency paper, watermark has also been widely used in other ticket paper. The position of watermark in the paper can be fixed, unfixed advertising design and semi fixed

the production process of watermark paper disc printing was invented by Italian papermaking experts in the 13th century. Because it integrates complex processes such as design, mold carving, paper making and papermaking in the manufacturing process, it often makes counterfeiters helpless for self-adhesive printing. Checking the watermark is also one of the most effective means to identify the true and false. Of course, it is uneconomical to use a large number of watermarks on packaging and decoration to prevent counterfeiting at this stage. An ink is developed with special materials, and the imitation watermark mark is printed on ordinary coated paper, which is very similar to the watermark effect

safety wire

safety wire product manual refers to placing a gold wire or plastic wire in the middle of the paper in the papermaking process. The first safety wire used was special gold wire. Now it is plastic wire and has developed into a variety, such as micro silk printed letter safety wire, fluorescent safety wire, etc. The shape of the safety line includes straight line, wavy shape, sawtooth shape, etc. China has adopted the straight line safety line in currency paper. According to relevant information, the new US dollar bill not only embeds metal wires in the paper, but also reduces the relevant words that can only be seen with a high-power magnifying glass

in recent years, with the rapid development of high technology, papermaking technology has also made great progress after integrating other technologies. There are a wide variety of printed paper envelopes, such as business cards that can reflect a variety of colors in different light. At the wards automotive interior conference held in Detroit on May 13, paper, pearlescent paper, laser iris paper, gold foil formed by the combination of metal and color printing paper Silver foil paper and embossed paper and refractive paper formed by reprocessing. If we can reasonably use their self-adhesive printing performance and characteristics, and control the purchase channel, as anti-counterfeiting printing paper, the effect and force can not be underestimated

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