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Japan: the packaging goes too far. Plastic bags cause disasters and white pollution is difficult to clean up.

when shopping in Japanese convenience stores, you often use a plastic bag for drinks, a plastic bag for lunch boxes, and a plastic bag for magazines

in this way, the drink can be cool and refreshing, the lunch box can be steaming, and the magazine will not be soiled. But three plastic bags are used for three things, so day after day, year after year, it is bound to cause a mountain of white garbage

according to the data provided by a station that advocates the use of renewable packaging bags, Japan is one of the countries that use plastic bags the most in the world, using about 30billion plastic bags every year. This figure does not include the plastic envelope of the shirt and the small plastic bag containing a single snack since the carrying capacity of the Japanese laundry bag began to decline

AP 11 said that the Japanese talked too much about packaging. At present, some fruit stores pack each apple or banana in a single plastic bag and replace it with a new plastic bag when selling

in addition, the Japanese pay special attention to gift packaging. Wrapping gifts layer by layer has important etiquette significance for the Japanese. More packaging means more politeness and formality

on June 9, the Japanese parliament passed a legal amendment allowing the government to issue warnings to retailers who failed to reduce the use of plastic bags or did not do enough in the recycling and recycling of plastic bags, so as to encourage people to reduce the use of plastic bags by establishing a relatively perfect material research and development, product pilot test and testing platform

in this regard, a Japanese environmental scholar said that this law only establishes a warning system, and the effect will not be too great. The scholar said: "it is necessary to force stores to charge customers for plastic bags used to pack goods. This is the only way to reduce the use of plastic bags by Japanese consumers."

information source: Xinhua Daily Telegraph

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