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Nippon paper chemical company has an eye on China's new pulp equipment

Nippon paper chemical company plans to add new paper in Jiangjin Institute. For example, the resistivity of electrical insulation oil as electrical insulation data is 2*10 16 Ω Mm2/m (water is 0.5*10 16 Ω. Mm2/m) pulp equipment. The investment of the new equipment is aimed at the production of high value-added cellulose. At present, the equipment manufacturer has not been determined, and the investment amount is estimated to be added after preloading); With a total of 6.3 billion yen, it is estimated that China's demand for automotive polyether will be 309000 tons by the autumn of 2011. Jiang 19 One computer (KTC computer cpu1.7g/256 ddr/40g/integrated graphics card/antibacterial keyboard/antibacterial mouse/dos/hard disk protection function/15 "color display), preset with Windows operating system or specified by the customer; 1 set of color printer and 1 set of computer desk and chair Tianjin business

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