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The discussion on the barrier performance of plastic bottles was held in Shanghai

in April 2008, the seminar on the barrier performance of plastic bottles and its application in the beverage and beer industry was held at the MOCON Asia Pacific (Shanghai) support center in the United States. Amway, Zijiang, newcock, DuPont, Rohm and Haas, Hyatt, uni president, Wangwang, Huiyuan and other enterprises participated in the seminar. It is expected that the pig iron market will continue to be dominated by weak transportation in the near future. Michellestevens, director of technical exchange of MOCON in the United States, and georgiagu, an expert in technical application, attended the seminar and introduced and displayed the new technology and equipment of MOCON instrument packaging container barrier detection, as well as its specific application in food and beverage packaging

in addition to the oxygen permeability and moisture permeability detectors of bottle containers, this seminar also introduced the carbon dioxide permeability tester C10 newly launched by MOCON, which is especially used for the rapid detection of carbon dioxide permeability in carbonated beverage bottles. In the past, the traditional zahmnagle method required 50 samples for 6-16 weeks of testing, and C10 could be completed with only three samples in 2-4 hours, and it could give the estimated shelf life of carbonated beverages, which greatly improved the testing efficiency of quality inspection. In addition, MOCON's latest water vapor transmission rate is 1/50. With MOCON quality, this project is an integral part of China's standard high-speed motor car and high-speed rail pass to become flexible and efficient key equipment research and Development Experimental Engineering Construction Project (approved by the national development and Reform Commission), and the advantage of domestic price has attracted wide interest of participants

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