How can West Asia and North Africa become a strong

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How can West Asia and North Africa become a strong market in XCMG's "the Belt and Road"

How can West Asia and North Africa become a strong market in XCMG's "the Belt and Road"

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there is a long history of exchanges between West Asia and North Africa and China, with unique geographical advantages, highly complementary resource endowments, and a positive desire for win-win cooperation. Under the grand background of jointly building the "the Belt and Road", The exchanges and cooperation between the two sides will be more dynamic. At the same time, the "the Belt and Road" strategy has also created new opportunities for Chinese enterprises to "go global" to settle and develop in the West Asia and North Africa markets. XCMG group is one of the representative enterprises that seize this new opportunity to further develop and expand in the local market

West Asia and North Africa is XCMG's traditional strong market. XCMG has established perfect sales and service channels in West Asia and North Africa, and stationed business and service personnel to maintain the market. Both the local market share, product popularity, and the type and quantity of products are among the best. XCMG equipment plays an important role in the cooperative development of energy, mining and petroleum, as well as the construction of railways, highways, industrial parks, public infrastructure and other projects

next, please follow us to West Asia and North Africa to find the footprints of XCMG products

Qatar 2022 World Cup main stadium construction project

XCMG participated in the construction of more than 300 sets of earthwork complete equipment

Qatar Russell stadium will be one of the competition venues for the 2022 FIFA Qatar world cup, and will be used as the main stadium for the opening ceremony, opening match, finals and closing ceremony, as well as a major project to promote the development of Qatar Russell region, After completion, it will become an International Landmark of Qatar. The project was jointly undertaken by China and Qatar, with a total contract value of about $767million. The overall construction period of the project is 40 months, 92000 seats are planned to be built, and the total steel consumption is 100000 tons. The layer membrane structure of the project is 45000 square meters, which is currently the world's largest construction project of roof facial mask structure. XCMG, as the equipment supplier of the project, provides a complete set of solutions according to the actual working conditions of the project to provide a full set of equipment support for the construction of the main stadium of the 2022 Qatar world cup

Dubai CBD project in the United Arab Emirates

XCMG QUY150 crawler crane carries out hoisting operations

Dubai, a modern international metropolis, the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, the second largest emirate after Abu Dhabi, and the richest city in the Middle East. It is the economic and financial center of the Middle East and is known as the "trade capital" of the United Arab Emirates. This is the construction site of Dubai central business district (CBD). A XCMG QUY150 crawler crane is hoisting. In the distance is the world's tallest tower, Khalifa. XCMG Dubai branch, which has been deployed in this international metropolis for many years, has a professional sales and after-sales team, and maintains good cooperative relations with local government infrastructure departments and local Chinese companies. Dubai will be built into XCMG's sales base in the Middle East region

Algeria Oran steel plant project

XCMG QY25K truck crane construction site

12 XCMG cranes are hoisting at the steel plant construction site in Oran, Algeria's second largest city. When talking about the performance of the crane, the construction party commented: "other brands of truck cranes have been overturned in hoisting, except XCMG crane, which is of good quality!" Users have proved XCMG's golden promise of "leading technology and indestructible use" with simple words

Tunisia southern water supply project

XCMG qy25k-ii truck crane hoisting site

Tunisia's tetaven province is located in the southernmost part of the country, with desert climate, high temperature and little rain throughout the year. In order to improve the drinking water difficulties of the local people, the local government has invested in building water supply stations in local residents' gathering points. The local construction conditions are poor, the local people are in urgent need of drinking water, and the construction period is very tight. It is required that the equipment can be continuously constructed under high temperature conditions, Finally, XCMG won the bid with its comprehensive advantages and made great contributions to the southern water supply and livelihood project

Egypt Kalabsha oil and gas construction project

XCMG quy55 crawler crane site construction

Egypt occupies an important geographical position along the "the Belt and Road" and is an important partner to promote the construction of the "the Belt and Road". Oil and gas is one of the pillar industries of Egypt's economy. Kalabsha oil and gas construction is a good cooperation project between China and Egypt by taking advantage of the development opportunity of the "the Belt and Road". While both sides achieve their own profits, they have also made outstanding contributions to ensuring Egypt's economic development, energy security and social stability. XCMG, as the equipment supplier of the project, has won the recognition of both parties for its excellent performance in the construction process

Bahrain Longcheng project

XCMG QY25K truck crane construction operation

"Bahrain Longcheng" is the second Longcheng project of China Middle East Trade and investment promotion center after the "Dubai Longcheng" project, covering an area of 115000 square meters, and more than 700 Chinese companies have settled in. It is a large shopping mall integrating the retail and wholesale of national brand goods, catering and entertainment. At the same time, "Balin dragon city" is also another beautiful shopping, tourism and leisure landscape in the Gulf region that reflects Chinese architectural style and cultural characteristics. During the construction process, XCMG provided strong after-sales service and spare parts reserve support, and the dealers provided personnel protection, reflecting the seamless cooperation between XCMG and dealers, which is a successful example of brand localization

construction of aseluye oil field in Iran

site operation of XCMG qy50k truck crane

on the construction site of aseluye oil field in Iran, XCMG qy50k is carrying out hoisting operations. According to the construction party, at present, there are dozens of XCMG's various engineering equipment operating on the construction site, and the number of XCMG's equipment used in this construction accounts for more than 70% of the total equipment. When asked about the reasons, the construction party said: XCMG's equipment has excellent performance, easy maintenance, high equipment attendance rate, and perfect after-sales work. Some service personnel will regularly come to inspect the equipment. It is XCMG's persistence in Iran for many years that has won the affirmation of local users

viaduct construction project of Saudi Arabia's second industrial city

XCMG quy350 crawler crane on-site operation

Saudi Arabia is located at the important intersection of the "the Belt and Road" and is one of China's most important "co construction partners". Saudi Arabia has significantly increased its projects in the fields of energy, infrastructure construction and industry, and plans to invest US $400billion in infrastructure construction. The total number of industrial cities in 13 regions in Saudi Arabia has reached 34. 50 industrial cities are expected to be built in 2018. 5600 factories have been built and are under construction in the industrial cities, with a total investment of more than US $100billion. In recent years, XCMG has achieved comprehensive management from the upper computer to the lower computer group, and has actively supported dealers to sell products in Saudi Arabia, and achieved certain results

construction of sukshak business district in Kuwait

construction site of XCMG hgp32 distributor

XCMG hgp32 distributor operates on a business district construction site in sukshak District, the largest business district in Kuwait, which is a small epitome of XCMG's entry into the Kuwaiti market. With the launch, implementation and implementation of the national "the Belt and Road" strategy, XCMG has gradually increased its sales channels to countries along the route, especially the Gulf countries with abundant funds. Kuwait's land area is small, and its per capita oil reserves rank first in the world. Various domestic construction projects have never been interrupted. In recent years, XCMG's development in the Kuwaiti market has been getting better and better, and more and more local customers have accepted this brand of construction machinery from the East

cleaning up outside Baghdad, Iraq

XCMG QY25K truck crane hoisting

Iraq Baghdad promotes relevant meetings to achieve comprehensive and balanced results in accordance with the principle of common but differentiated. Over the sky, the smoke of war has gradually dissipated, the post-war reconstruction project has gradually begun, and the war debris is still scattered outside Baghdad, The city hall of Baghdad, together with the local U.S. troops in Iraq, carried out cleanup work around Baghdad. At the scene, a XCMG QY25K truck crane is lifting the wreckage of the armed helicopter. It is the first time that Chinese equipment has participated in this action

Israel Ashdod port new port construction project

XCMG xgc800 ton crawler crane operation

Israel Ashdod port new port construction project costs 3.3 billion shekels (about 930 million dollars). The new port is located one kilometer north of the existing Ashdod old port, and is composed of a 1000 meter long port and a 2800 meter long breakwater. The port will have loading and unloading areas, warehouses, offices, etc. The construction of the new Ashdod port is a safe choice for the Israeli government to strive to provide trade between the country and the East and the West. The completed port will become an important link between the East and the West. Due to the tight construction period of the project, the construction party dispatched XCMG 800 ton crawler crane, and XCMG professional service personnel were on the construction site to guide, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the project

adhering to the concept of "leading technology and indestructible use", XCMG group will integrate extreme ingenuity into the project construction application, meet the value-added needs of customers with the quality improvement of the whole value chain and lean service, create a brand-new product use experience for customers, win the trust of customers in West Asia and North Africa, and become a beautiful scenic spot for dressing up the infrastructure construction in West Asia and North Africa

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