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After the rise of panel price, it plummeted. How to enable high value in the TV market has been more than half of 2018, and the TV market has also handed in the answer. According to the semi annual summary report of China's color TV market in 2018 released by ovicloud, the sales volume of China's color TV market in the first half of 2018 reached 22.6 million units, up 3.6% year-on-year; The sales volume reached 72.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 2%, showing a development trend of volume increase and volume decrease. There are two main reasons for this. On the one hand, the sales volume is driven by the world cup, and on the other hand, the retail sales volume is reduced due to the impact of panel price reduction

after the panel price rises, it can slow down the response of the interface to plummet: the production capacity has come up

as we all know, the development of the TV industry in recent years, especially the price, has not only affected the profitability of manufacturers, but also directly linked to the pockets of consumers, so it has also become the focus of attention. Among them, the panel price has been talked about by the industry, and has affected the rise and fall of TV prices

it is understood that LCD panels account for about 70% of the production cost of a LCD TV. Last year, Samsung, LG display and other upstream panel manufacturers in South Korea continued to shut down LCD panel production lines and reduce production. At the same time, the demand of downstream color TV manufacturers is growing, so the price of LCD panel is rising all the way. Color TV manufacturers, who had been quietly digesting high costs and competing for survival at low prices, finally couldn't bear the pressure and had to raise prices

according to the supply and demand simulation data of sigmaintell, in 2016, the global LCD TV panel market gradually became tight from the second quarter, and the supply was in short supply for three consecutive quarters, and the panel price also stepped into an upward channel with the rhythm of supply and demand

prices began to rise in 2017, with most rising by 200-300 yuan, or 5-10%. After that, the sales price in the TV market remained high at the end of 2017. But at the beginning of the article, we found that this state changed in the first half of this year, and TV prices began to go "downhill"

according to the data released by WitsView, in the first half of this year, the global TV panel shipment reached 136.89 million pieces, an increase of 11% year-on-year, reversing the downward trend of last year's shipment, which is believed to be caused by the continuous decline in global TV panel prices, which promoted users' desire to buy

in the first half of this year, the new panel production capacity of BOE Hefei 10.5 OEM and CLP Panda Chengdu 8.6 + OEM was successively launched. Affected by the increase of production capacity and the off-season, the TV panel price accelerated its collapse in the second quarter. According to other media sources, LG display's investment plan to build an 8.5 generation OLED panel production line in Guangzhou has been officially approved by China's State Administration of market supervision and is expected to be completed and put into operation in the second half of 2019

therefore, there is no doubt that the increase in panel capacity has a significant effect on curbing the rise in the sales price of the complete machine. The industry expects that as the peak season of the fourth quarter draws to a close, the panel industry may face more stringent challenges in 2019 in the face of the continued increase in panel production capacity and the opening of new production capacity in 2019

how to enable high value TV in the new era

at present, the post-80s and post-90s have become the mainstream consumers of the living room economy. Most of them are only children. They grew up in a period of sustained and rapid economic growth in China, with a stable environment and rich economy. In the process of consumption, they pay more attention to high-quality product output and good user experience. Therefore, in the new era of quality consumption, high-end is the next "export" of the color TV market

obviously, with the continuous acceleration of panel production capacity, the price of TV sets has shown a downward trend, and high-end development is imminent. How to enable high-value TV has become the focus of current enterprise research

first of all, it should be technological innovation. Science and technology is the leading productivity, and technological innovation is the driving force for enterprises to move forward. Take the current popular AI technology for example, Skyworth brings full-time AI. Full time AI is to let TV meet your needs anytime, anywhere according to your needs. SKYWORTH's full-time AI is mainly completed through AI SOC, dual microphone array, four microphone camera array, six microphone ring sound array, and cooperates with Baidu intelligent voice depth optimization algorithm to realize AI interaction anytime and anywhere

not only Skyworth, Changhong has made great achievements in AI research. The new generation of chiq Ai TV q5t series has super semantic algorithm ability. It has tens of millions of corpus annotations, massive knowledge maps, and deeply integrates speech recognition to improve the error correction ability of semantic understanding. It can establish personalized semantics on the basis of perfect user portraits. It is called "more human Ai TV"

the second is the craftsman spirit. The careful polishing of products is the main way to reflect the craftsman spirit of enterprises. Of course, the craftsman spirit not only refers to the ingenuity in appearance and technology, but also the ultimate requirements in vision and hearing

recently, Konka OLED TV V1 has been very serious. In terms of hardware configuration, the hardness value is confirmed according to the area or depth of the indentation. Konka's new products focus on upgrading the image quality and sound quality to meet the higher audio-visual experience of the user name. Konka V1 new products use the original OLED panel provided by LG display, and the color is not much different from the expanded polystyrene board, which is more pure and restores the true appearance of the picture; It also carries Dolby? Horizon (d also consumes a lot of natural resources, Olby vision?) HDR imaging technology, using the HDR innovative technology used in Dolby's world's most advanced cinemas, brings higher brightness and contrast, as well as more comprehensive and rich colors; In terms of speaker system, Konka cooperates with the sound system of Harman Caton, a world-famous brand. It has 10 sound generating units and DTS decoding, providing users with immersive audio-visual enjoyment

finally, it is the so-called strong alliance to improve their brand image through each other. As early as 2016, TCL, the first brother of domestic TV, held hands with German high-end home hilbach happily. As a high-end TV product, TCL quhd officially entered hilbach home. The two sides carried out all-round and in-depth cooperation around the dimensions of product entry, sales cooperation, high-end experiential scene building, product design exchange, and high-end brand co construction

hilbach home is built by the German hilbach family with more than 40 years of design experience. It is a leading brand in the manufacturing of solid wood furniture in the world. From material selection to design, and then to manual polishing, every link reflects the German attitude of excellence. It has won the "red dot" Design Award for many times and won the German furniture brand

similarly, as the top three in global sales and the top brand value among Chinese TV enterprises, TCL has great influence in both China and the world. Its products are outstanding. Whether it is the leadership in core display technology or the selection of materials, it makes people feel a persistent craftsman spirit, which is the reason why hilbach chose to cooperate with TCL after global scanning

in the editor's view, the high-end value war in the color TV market requires not only technological innovation, craftsmanship and enterprise strength, but also improving the strength of independent R & D panels, which can fundamentally reduce the cost pressure, which is beneficial to enterprises and consumers, so as to achieve the goal of win-win

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