How Cummins innovates power solutions in the hotte

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In the new energy era, how does Cummins innovate power solutions

how does Cummins innovate power solutions in the new energy era

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at the 2019 Bloomberg new energy finance summit (bnef) held in New York recently, Julie Furber, executive director of Cummins electric power division, shared her views on the electrification of the industrial and commercial vehicle market

Fu Shuli clearly stated that Cummins' strategy is to develop the most efficient powertrain solutions, meet emission requirements, and promote the implementation of relevant regulations. Therefore, Cummins can meet the requirements of customers and minimize the impact on the environment. The road to the pure electric world is not simple. It is full of twists and turns, and there are many difficulties to overcome

off highway electric applications

energy diversity, connectivity and automation are key factors that change the global business industry. For the off highway market, hard working conditions and long working hours are challenges that we face every day. With the continuous progress of the industry, Cummins's product portfolio is also developing. While continuing to innovate diesel and natural gas solutions, electric power solutions have also become one of Cummins' key development projects

when the world is looking for a breakthrough to solve current and future problems, electric solutions will play a role in the following three directions:

① improve the working environment

equipment operating in closed areas for a long time may lead to excessive emission concentration and play a leading role in the project. The air quality in ports, airports, distribution centers and other areas will be reduced. Through the electrification of equipment in these areas, emissions are reduced and a more comfortable working environment is created for operators

② perfect technology

Cummins electric power is in the leading position in the application of anti-collision technology automation and development. A large number of sensors and complex control systems help to improve performance and reduce operating costs. In the next decade, the number of urban population is expected to increase significantly, and the automatic urban pipeline will be comprehensively improved. In the dark and restricted underground environment, anti-collision technology can ensure the safe operation of vehicles when expanding the line

③ construction site noise reduction

the sound of a large number of equipment operation often leads to very noisy construction sites. The small electric excavator powered by Cummins is completely powered by batteries, which can not only reduce noise pollution, but also prolong working hours

for some working environments, electric power solutions can improve the working mode. Conforming to the trend of computer system development through controller potential is Cummins' strategy to shape the future. Next, Cummins will develop the next generation of electric power systems for off highway applications

electric power application in highway market

Cummins, as the world's leading multi power leader, is taking the application of electric power as its future strategic plan

Cummins demonstrated the electric drive system at the "next generation" technology exhibition held at the technology center in Columbus, Indiana

the powertrain is installed on the prototype seven level "urban hauler" electric truck, which will be mainly used in the local freight and haulage market

John boesel, CEO of calstart, who strictly checks the operation direction of the compressor, said that given the size and position of Cummins in the truck transportation industry, it is of great significance to enter the field of electric power applications. If the oil is insufficient, the same kind of hydraulic oil can be added appropriately; If oil has evolved, Fu Shuli said that the company will introduce the electric power system into all product lines according to market conditions

the 140 kwh lithium-ion battery pack of the prototype truck can provide a range of up to 100 miles on a single charge. Adding additional batteries can increase the range of pure electric mileage to 300 miles, while the range of extended range diesel generators can be increased to 500 miles

providing electric power transmission system for trucks stems from the specific needs of regional markets. California is a strong supporter of electric trucks and is home to many manufacturers and demonstration projects

Jennifer Rumsey, chief technology officer of Cummins, said in an interview that Cummins will respond to the call to improve air quality and actively respond to the market changes brought about by the demand for low-carbon environmental protection in the future

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