How can the most popular UAV stop flying willfully

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How can "black flying" drones stop flying "willfully"

China business daily/China business (zushuang) with scientific and technological innovation, no one, that is, because the shrinkage range is large or the shrinkage stability is poor, the dimensional tolerance of plastic forming parts should be larger. The development situation of the machine is great. Whether it is consumer grade UAV or industrial grade UAV, it is favored by all fields. However, behind the rapid rise of the industry, the security problems brought by unmanned aerial vehicles are also rapidly fermenting. With the rapid increase in the number of users, UAVs disturb navigation and injure people from time to time. In recent years, in response to a series of safety problems caused by the above UAVs, the national competent departments have successively issued a number of guiding documents, and local regulations are gradually being improved and implemented, so that UAVs no longer "willful" fly

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broad market prospects

the application field of UAV continues to expand

UAV is an aerial robot, which can replace human beings to complete aerial operations. Combined with imaging equipment and other components, it can expand the application scene and realize "UAV +". Background information shows that the design concept of UAV was first applied to the industrial field. With the implementation and promotion of civil military integration strategy in the world, the application of UAV technology in the civil field has made great progress in recent years

due to the low entry cost and small size, UAV continues to attract technicians in various fields to invest in research. According to IDC data, the market sales scale of civil UAVs in China will reach 3.9 million in 2019, with a total of about 60billion yuan. It is estimated that by 2023, the domestic civil UAV market will reach 97.69 billion yuan, with a compound annual growth rate of 59%

with the gradual maturity of UAV technology, civil UAV has been widely used in daily life. According to the data, the sales scale of China's civil UAV market reached 7.9 billion yuan in 2017. With the gradual expansion of the field of UAV applications, the market demand for UAVs has gradually increased. It is expected to exceed the 10 billion yuan mark in 2018, and the market scale will reach 13.4 billion yuan, with full market potential

the guidance of the Ministry of industry and information technology on promoting and standardizing the development of civil UAV manufacturing industry issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology points out that by 2020, the civil UAV industry will continue to develop, with an output value of 60billion yuan and an average annual growth rate of more than 40%. By 2025, the output value of civil UAVs will reach 180billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of more than 25%. The industrial scale, technical level and enterprise strength will continue to maintain the international momentum, establish and improve the standards, testing and certification system and industrial system of civil UAVs, and realize the safe, controllable, benign and healthy development of civil UAVs

with the trend that industrial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have gradually received attention in developed countries in the world and their applications have been continuously developed and expanded, China has also begun to explore the field of industrial UAVs, and the state has issued relevant policies and plans to provide corresponding assistance to the development of industrial UAVs. Especially in the past two years, the policy has taken a positive attitude towards the opening of low altitude airspace, and the formulation and implementation of UAV related policies are being accelerated to regulate this rapidly developing market

the application field of UAV is also expanding. Aerial photos of drones and drone light shows have become increasingly popular. At the 2017 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, drones attracted a wave of attention. In the 2019 CCTV Spring Festival Gala Shenzhen Branch venue, drones will be unveiled again. With the maturity of satellite positioning system, the improvement of electronic and radio control technology, and the emergence of multi rotor UAV structure, the UAV industry has entered a rapid development stage. At present, UAV has also become an important tool for commercial, government and consumer applications. It is widely used in the fields of construction, oil, agriculture and public utilities. It is used in power inspection, agricultural plant protection, police security. The world's largest producer and consumer of medical devices is the United States, mapping and other aspects

"black flying" has been banned repeatedly

the safety problem of UAV remains to be solved

the use of UAV is becoming more and more popular, followed by safety problems. Among them, incidents such as "black flight" and navigation disturbance occur frequently

"black flying" refers to some flights that have not obtained a private pilot's license or the aircraft has not obtained a legal identity, that is, flights that are not registered and are not allowed, which are dangerous. According to the regulations on the registration management of civil unmanned aerial vehicles under the real name system implemented on June 1, 2017, the owner of civil unmanned aerial vehicles with a maximum takeoff weight of 250 grams or more in China must register under the real name specified. The Aircraft Airworthiness Certification Department of the Civil Aviation Administration is the management unit of the registration system, otherwise, its behavior will be deemed illegal

according to media statistics, from 2015 to 2018, there were more than 30 "black flight" disturbing incidents of unmanned aerial vehicles across the country, with huge social hidden dangers. For example, on January 15, 2017, the unmanned aerial vehicle "black flight" incident occurred at Hangzhou Xiaoshan airport. The UAV has intruded into the airport clearance protection zone, and its flight altitude is obviously within the aircraft takeoff and landing altitude zone, interfering with the normal flight of the aircraft and affecting flight safety. On May 1st, 2018, Kunming Changshui International Airport found four UAV interference incidents. The incident resulted in 28 flight delays at the airport, with flights delayed for up to 4 hours, and the airport runway was forced to close for 45 minutes

a professional engaged in the development and design of UAV said in an interview with China Business Daily that if the UAV collides with the takeoff aircraft or the landing aircraft on the take-off channel, it is likely to damage the engine. When the crew is at a low altitude, the emergency response time is short, and it is easy to destroy the aircraft and kill people. "If the drone collides with a moving civil aircraft, its power can be equivalent to a small caliber shell, which directly destroys the aircraft's braking system and brings irreparable losses." He said

in addition to causing difficulties in aviation governance, injuries by unmanned aerial vehicles also occur frequently. In May this year, a two-year-old child in Chaoyang District of Beijing was injured by a drone while playing in the park, leaving a 9 cm wound on his face. Coincidentally, a three-year-old child in Hangzhou was injured by a suddenly out of control drone while playing on the square, his face was scratched and stitched with five stitches

Liang Feng, appointed representative of the civil UAV pilot practice committee of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, said in an interview that on the one hand, the rotor of the UAV is very fast and can reach more than 150 revolutions per second. On the other hand, during the flight of the UAV, the UAV also has its own weight. If the UAV has an accident at high altitude, coupled with its own weight, the rotation speed of the rotor will cause great safety damage to citizens

to ensure "overhead safety"

the construction of UAV supervision system is accelerated

in order to promote the safe use of products and the healthy development of the industry, all countries have generally incorporated UAVs into the "fence" of the rule of law, hoping to continuously improve the ability and level of UAV flight application control through the tightening of supervision policies and the strengthening of crackdown

since 2017, most of our customers will still buy plastic bags, and the construction of the UAV supervision system in China has gradually accelerated. Not only the national competent departments have successively issued relevant "navigation" policies, but also local governments are actively responding to the national call to accelerate the improvement and implementation of local regulations. All departments have gone deep into the new field of UAV management, trying to weave the legal "fence" of UAV larger and denser

in May 2017, the civil unmanned aerial vehicle real name registration management regulations issued by the Aircraft Airworthiness Certification Department of the Civil Aviation Administration of China required that from June 1, 2017, unmanned aerial vehicles with a maximum take-off weight of more than 250g (including 250g) should implement real name registration. In December of the same year, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the guiding opinions on promoting and standardizing the development of civil UAV manufacturing industry, and pointed out that it was necessary to study and formulate civil UAV digital identification rules and technical solutions, realize "one machine one code", and guide enterprises to realize the recognition, monitoring and management of civil UAVs by installing communication modules. In June, 2018, the administrative measures for commercial flight activities of civil unmanned aerial vehicles was officially implemented, which also made the commercial flight activities of unmanned aerial vehicles have rules to follow and documented

since this year, many places have also accelerated the improvement of relevant regulations on UAV management. After Shenzhen issued and implemented the Interim Measures for the management of civil micro light UAVs, Zhejiang has also become another battlefield for the control and construction of UAVs. On March 28, Zhejiang Province passed the regulations of Zhejiang Province on the administration of public safety of unmanned aerial vehicles (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"), which uniformly brings UAVs, airships, aviation models and other products into the scope of legal supervision. It is understood that this management regulation is the first local regulation regulating the protection of public safety by unmanned aerial vehicles in China

the highlights of the management regulations are real names, restrictions and strict management. Among them, real name refers to the real name registration required before purchasing UAV; Setting restrictions refers to the delimitation of no fly and restricted area and time; Strict control specifically includes the illegal flight or hidden danger flight of UAV, and the public security organ can seize the UAV by means of interception, forced landing, capture, etc. At the same time, individuals will be fined 1000 to 5000 yuan and units will be fined 20000 to 100000 yuan for refitting UAVs without authorization, changing and destroying the electronic girth deceleration system, driving the moving beam to rise and land the barrier through the precision ball screw pair after deceleration, and flying within the no fly time and area

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