This is a gift from the community of interest. Ple

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This is a gift from the "community of interest". Please check it

release date: Source: MCC paper Yinhe

as most Luowen pointed out that the latter screening can reliably expand the measurement range by 10 times, and the process can produce pulp normally, recently, Yinhe Paper poplar pulp phase II project was successfully started up and put into production, with quality indicators better than outsourcing wet pulp, and the cost per ton is saved by more than 17%. The project complements the shortage of self-produced poplar pulp, which will play an important supporting role in optimizing the pulp structure, performing curve comparison and amplification and other analysis functions, reducing production costs, and implementing new product research and development

in the face of extremely fierce market competition, Galaxy paper continues to promote market-oriented reform and institutional reform, and a series of reform dividends are continuously released. In March this year, Galaxy paper also implemented a new business model of "community of interests", devolving the corresponding authorities of "cabinet formation", employment, distribution, procurement and marketing, so as to stimulate the hearts and self drive of employees

"since the implementation of the reform of the community of interest, the management team has gradually improved its business awareness. The trial of materials with higher cost performance, the development of new products with higher gross profit, and the improvement of comprehensive operation efficiency have become the most popular topics this year. Breakthroughs have been made in improving quality and efficiency, and good growth has been achieved through business performance." Deputy general manager zhaoguohong said

in this month, the "interest communities" sent a "big gift" to Galaxy paper by taking measures such as introducing new suppliers and applying new materials: the comprehensive procurement cost was reduced by 2.5%, and a number of marketable new varieties were successfully developed, with the comprehensive gross profit rate increased by 1.03%. The comprehensive operation efficiency of the company was increased by 2.9%, the comprehensive water saving was 25%, and the comprehensive energy saving was 7.7%

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