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The design principle of the new capping machine

capping machine is a can packaging machine, which plays a very important role in the can production industry. Capping machine is mainly used for sealing screw caps of glass bottles and PET bottles. Common capping machines are linear and spiral. These capping machines have many defects, and the capping force control accuracy is not high, which is easy to damage the bottle cap

aiming at these defects, this paper studies the new capping machine products. The manipulator type full-automatic capping machine designed in this paper, the actuator is mainly capping manipulator. It realizes the multidimensional action of screwing the cap through multiple motors. One motor drives the screw. Welcome to learn more details. The cap manipulator closes and grasps the cap, and the other motor rotates the cap to complete the capping action. By using advanced control algorithm to control the motor current, accurately adjust the bottle grasping force of the manipulator and the capping torque of the manipulator, and complete the optimal control of capping action. Manipulator design is an important part of industrial automation research, as well as the design of this product. It is the motion actuator of this product. Structural design, motion path planning and manipulator torque control are the three main contents of manipulator research. On the basis of studying the development and structure of the manipulator, this paper uses fuzzy control algorithm to control the capping action, capping torque and bottle grasping torque of the capping manipulator. The core of this design is the system control circuit, motor control circuit and algorithm design. Considering the various advantages of Brushless DC motor, this paper selects the brushless DC motor as the capping motor if the motion direction of the control mechanism is kept 1 with the motion direction of the controlled object and the direction of the instrument display. The capping motor adopts three-phase full bridge star connection and two power on driving mode. The encoder is used to detect the position and speed of the motor. The screw rod used is Germany ulineff high-precision gapless ball screw rod. They all prefer to make products at the lowest price

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