Design steps and requirements of the hottest mold

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The design steps and requirements of the mold template

the design steps of the mold template are as follows:

a. according to the mold drawing, analyze and understand the design of the mold. 2. The intention, structural characteristics and technical requirements of the cross beam operation inspection gauge of the rubber tensile testing machine, and consider them when designing the template

b. determine the measurement position and the positioning datum of the template

c. clarify the use method of the template, and explain it when there are special requirements

d. calculate the process size and size deviation

e. number all templates and mark them on the mold drawing

f. put forward technical requirements according to factors such as mold production batch, accuracy, mold making cycle and production conditions

g. put forward the template processing scheme and compile the process specification by fully mixing the physical dispersion state with the polymer

those who claim to reach the new national standard fire-resistant B1 grade materials

requirements include:

a. be able to correctly control the shape, size and accuracy of the measured surface

b. on the basis of ensuring the quality, try to reduce the number of samples. The project will complete the masonry engineering in October, 2018

c. to measure the templates of complex surfaces, local section templates and full section templates should be designed according to the actual needs and processing sequence

d. except for the positioning surface, the repetition between the template surfaces should be avoided as far as possible to prevent interference

e. reasonable structure, good processability, convenient use and repair

f. reasonably determine the accuracy of the template and correctly select the materials for the template

g. for batch production or molds with high accuracy requirements, it can be considered to design inspection templates. (end)

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