Design requirements for the hottest food packaging

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Food packaging design requirements

1, aesthetics

with the development of the times, people's aesthetic outlook continues to improve, and the requirements also continue to increase. Meeting people's aesthetic needs has become the main topic of packaging design. In the past, simply putting a product photo in the package can no longer meet people's aesthetic outlook. They need more artistic forms of expression. The designers also use abstract methods to make the product packaging more artistic, leaving people a space for reverie to measure the stress changes on the sample. When the workload of the second development of the product design for a meat company is large, the cartoon image is adopted, and the effect is very obvious

2. Rationality

the packaging picture can be exaggerated appropriately, but it cannot be exaggerated at will. Modern food packaging design is increasingly using artistic effects to express product characteristics, such as computer drawing products. This method can make up for the lack of photography, and can be combined with ingredients, raw materials, etc. at will, so that people can more intuitively recognize the impact of the gap, recognize the product under tension, and trust the product

3. Uniqueness

there are a wide range of food packaging in the market. How to make their products stand out from many similar commodities requires innovation and innovation. So how to make the product packaging different? Here are a few examples:

in the public's impression, the colors of instant noodles are no more than several: red, yellow, green and orange. In addition to brand awareness, there is little comparability in packaging. The convenience of instant noodles of Wugu Daochang series overturned the color habit of this type of products, and boldly used black and white to match. The coordinated proportion division makes it excellent and successfully attracts the attention of consumers. Therefore, the packaging of Wugu Daochang series instant noodles wins in color

in the past, most sausage products were wrapped with a layer of plastic, or several groups with a plastic square outer package, which lacked their own personality and was difficult to jump out of many products. Longda food group fujiyuan ham has launched a mouth binding plastic packaging like bread packaging, so it stands out from similar products and wins in the form of packaging

4. Pertinence

because some foods are specifically targeted at a certain range of consumer groups, they need to be highlighted in the performance of packaging. For example, for middle-aged and elderly food, the packaging form is relatively traditional, and the color will also adopt deep and stable colors; Children's food requires lively and lovely packaging, bright colors and often some added value (such as being used as toys or collections); For products in a certain region, local characteristics can be shown on the packaging, such as dialect, cultural tradition, etc

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