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The design and proofing of image products

in the process of image product design and production, it mainly involves users, designers, plate making centers, and printing plants. They form the design and production flow of the entire image product, and we usually contact many processes. In order to obtain better image products, they pay most attention to two kinds of proofing in the whole design and production process: design proofing for designers and plate making printing (contract proofing) for plate making center

The reporter of image products learned that the most important component is color. Designers mainly rely on color to express their unique ideas in the final image products. Even if the designer has a good design idea, if it cannot be completely and accurately expressed in the final product, the design will still not be recognized by users, and then it will even affect users' trust in the designer and subsequent business

for designers, they need design proofing to help them design, which is not only used for communication and communication between designers, but also to truly and completely express their various design ideas in front of users, and provide reference for later printing production. Then, what are the requirements for design proofing:

inspection of bold color. Because designers now design on computers, that is, in RGB on the screen; The final product is represented by CMYK through printing. Because the gamut space of RGB and CMYK is different, it is very likely that the printed color is different from the color expected by the designer (the color seen on the screen). To prevent this from happening, designers need proofing to imitate the printing color effect to help them design

examination of text content. Because image products include not only color, but also text, lines and other contents, and with the powerful function of various image design software, people can carry out more and more complex design on the computer, so it is more necessary to design and print to help designers check and prevent various errors

improve the bidding effect of design projects. The design of bidding renderings is a very important means for designers to express their design ideas to customers. If the design idea is not shown, it will cause failure in the bidding; If the customer recognizes the designer's design idea, but it cannot be realized in the subsequent printing production process, it will inevitably bring irreparable losses to the designer

now, due to the influence of price factors, designers generally use A3 format inkjet printers for proofing. However, due to the limitations of the performance of ordinary inkjet printers, designers can only use it to complete the inspection of text content, and the inspection of color printing effect can not be achieved. This can only be done by later plate making and proofing (contract proofing). This will inevitably bring all kinds of inevitable problems

for example, the growth of design cycle: because designers cannot see the future printing effect at the same time of design, they can only design colors based on experience. Designers can only find and modify them when they get the plate making Proofing provided by the plate making center. At present, the time required by the plate making center to provide plate making Proofing is at least half a day

once deviation occurs, the whole design cycle will be extended. It has become increasingly impossible for users to accept the growth of this design cycle in the past. Due to the accelerated pace of work and fierce market competition, the design time given by customers to designers is getting shorter and shorter, and customers often confirm the color, text and other contents at the last minute. Once there is a design deviation, it is difficult for designers to catch up in time

increase in production costs and costs: as most domestic plate making centers improve plate making and proofing, they first produce films and then proofing. Once a design problem is found in the proofing, the designer has completed the utilization in the chemical industry. It needs to pay not only the cost of multiple proofing, but also the cost of multiple film production. In today's increasingly fierce competition, the increase in cost will inevitably reduce the competitiveness of designers and eventually be eliminated by the industry

there is no ideal bidding effect: if designers use ordinary office inkjet printers for proofing, they will inevitably not be able to provide customers with high-quality design effects. How big is the market for automotive carbon fiber composites? In the bidding process of customers' projects, it is bound to be at a disadvantage, and it is difficult to win in the bidding

as a very important process in the prepress process, plate making and proofing is provided to designers and users by the plate making center. It is a powerful means to control the quality of printed matter (mainly color quality), a means to check the quality of plate making film, and for users to confirm and sign (i.e. contract sample signing)

whether for design proofing or plate making Proofing, the commonly used proofing method is offset proofing machine (called traditional proofing), but it has some disadvantages, such as unstable proofing quality, high modification cost, long cycle, large investment, large floor space, and does not adapt to the development of printing refresh technology. Therefore, the plate making and printing industry is always looking for new proofing methods to replace the traditional proofing

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