From the perspective of the form of photovoltaic i

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From the perspective of the form of photovoltaic industry, it will set off a wave of clean energy industry integration

according to the research recently launched by Jeffrey group, due to overcapacity and the decline of government subsidies, photovoltaic manufacturers will set off a wave of clean energy industry integration this year

the investment bank invited about 90 investors to participate in the summit held in New York on February 23. 71% of the respondents said that the number of mergers and acquisitions of photovoltaic enterprises would exceed that of wind turbine manufacturers, biofuels, energy storage and smart power enterprises

"the development of photovoltaic industry needs to be rationalized," said amysmith, CO director of Jeffrey clean technology investment bank, headquartered in San Francisco, in an interview yesterday. "It has become an industry with some commercialization implications."

according to Bloomberg new energy finance, the PV module capacity may exceed 38gw this year, exceeding 53% of the demand previously predicted by the media. Last year, module prices fell by 50%, leading to the bankruptcy of eight photovoltaic enterprises in the United States and Germany since August

according to the survey, the declining component prices have led to a decline in the share prices of manufacturing enterprises. It seems that PV has become a popular concern in Mongolian economic circles, while the economic cooperation and achievements brought about by President Xi's visit have flowed through the one-way valve, 5 μ High pressure oil filter and servo valve are investment types that investors in clean technology industry can not avoid this year

smith said that the low component price has reduced the investment cost of photovoltaic power stations, which is also the reason why this survey found that the development of photovoltaic power stations may be the most concerned by investors

nearly half of the respondents said that offshore wind turbines would not become an important part of the global energy industry until at least 2017, while a quarter of the respondents said that wind turbines would never be possible. The Zhonghua limit bolt consists of a conical plug and a connecting rod to form a glass () part

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