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From small workshops to large factories, Zhejiang yicarton factory is well aware of the importance of quality and innovation

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core tips: enterprises can gradually embark on the road of intelligent production, and will continue to increase investment in science and technology. However, ensuring product quality will always be the only direction for the enterprise to move forward. Ensuring product quality will always be the only direction for the enterprise to move forward

2006, panchaohui took over a small workshop of carton packaging from his father-in-law. It was a small family style workshop DuPont: the world's first DuPont Tyvek 40L medical packaging material, a "rumbling" half used machine, and several employees recruited from the village sat on low stools in a circle to complete their daily work

at the beginning, panchaohui, who had just come into contact with the carton packaging industry, was not familiar with this. He followed the employees to eat and work together, starting from the most basic small things, and tried to make the small workshop more impressive

gradually, pan Chaohui had a large number of customers he was familiar with and became familiar with the industry. He found that in Xianju, there was a great market demand for carton packaging, but his own family style workshop could not meet the needs of customers. At the same time, there were certain hidden dangers in the production and operation of the workshop, and the idea of "setting up a factory by himself" gradually took root in Pan Chaohui's mind

2008, by chance, panchaohui took a fancy to a plant site in the Innovation Industrial Park of Xiage town. He was ruthless. He not only invested all his wealth, but also borrowed money from relatives and friends, all of which were used for plant construction and the purchase of new machines. In April, 2009, with the efforts of Pan Chaohui, Xianju Hongxin packing carton factory was officially established and put into production

quality: it is the power of production and the soul of an enterprise.

the market is water, quality is a ship, and brand is a sail

pan Chaohui believed in this truth, so he set "honest management" as the enterprise creed

during the period of workshop operation, pan Chaohui faced more promotion than production. However, in order to ensure the quality, he often goes out to deliver goods in the morning, focuses on production in the afternoon, goes out to promote at night, and continues to work overtime at night. He is busy all day. But he doesn't feel tired at all, because only when he participates in the production and thinks that the product is qualified, can he go out to promote with peace of mind. After cleaning the appearance without painting, he can wipe it again with cotton yarn dipped in a little oil. The products with good quality sell at ease

after the completion of the new factory, the number of employees has also increased. The first class of each batch of new employees after arriving at the factory is the quality class that Mr. Pan personally gave them. Until now, panchaohui has checked each batch of products before leaving the factory, and those found unqualified have been destroyed and redone immediately until they are satisfied

due to the excellent product quality, Hongxin packaging is becoming more and more famous. Zhejiang Xiantong rubber and plastic, Zhejiang Jinsheng environmental protection and other well-known enterprises have also placed orders with Hongxin packaging and reached long-term cooperation

Innovation: we can't stop the pace of progress

due to the shortage of funds, (2) we will open the cold-formed support equidistant from both sides from the small workshop to the new plant. Panchaohui can save money for other construction, but for the investment in equipment, panchaohui is never stingy, because he knows that what can promote the progress of production is innovation

april, 2010 is the first anniversary of the establishment of the enterprise. In one year, the output value in the first year reached 7million yuan, more than 20 times that of the original workshop. All this is due to the renewal of machinery and equipment

in the second year, in addition to the traditional handicraft packaging cartons, rubber and plastic and environmental protection enterprises also came to the door one after another, hoping to reach cooperation with Hongxin packaging. However, the existing machines could not support higher requirements. Panchaohui immediately increased investment and updated equipment to keep up with the market demand

2015, Hongxin packaging factory built a brand-new factory, with a construction area of more than 8600 square meters. In 2017, the enterprise invested more than 1million yuan to re purchase intelligent high-end full-automatic printing machine, box pasting machine and flat pressing machine. After the implementation of full-automatic intelligent operation, the efficiency will be ten times that of the original manual operation

for the future prospects of the enterprise, panchaohui hopes that the enterprise can gradually embark on the road of intelligent production and will continue to increase investment in science and technology. However, ensuring product quality will always be the only direction for the enterprise to move forward

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