From the perspective of environmental protection,

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From the perspective of environmental protection, the paper industry: the supply side will face integration.

the pollution of the pulp and paper industry ranks first in the light industry. The pulp and paper industry is one of the major energy consuming industries in China, and a large amount of heat, electricity and water will be consumed in the process of pulp and paper. Over the years, it ranks first in the energy consumption of light industry. At the same time of high energy consumption, the discharge of waste water and exhaust gas pollutants occupies a major position in the light industry, so its pollution remediation has been widely concerned by the society. The demand for paper products will rise steadily, the production and marketing will be stable, and the demand for paper products in the whole society will rise steadily. Among them, household paper is rising rapidly, Industrial packaging "The motivation and market driving force remain unchanged. Paper use is slowly recovering, and printing paper will usher in a turning point. Exports of high-end paper products will also gradually pick up. The elimination of backward production capacity is accelerating, and the industry is facing a reshuffle. The state has issued a large number of laws and regulations. White paperboard is basically preserved in domestic regulations to control the pollution emissions of the paper industry, and the development of the industry is planned from the aspects of emission restriction, access, elimination, upgrading, etc. in the future when financing is difficult and costs are rising Well, it is expected that many small and medium-sized pulp enterprises will be cleared out under increasingly stringent measures, and the dependence on raw material import will further increase

with the increase of industry concentration, large and high-quality enterprises will benefit from the rise of prices. The industry concentration will be increased, and the advantageous enterprises will gradually benefit from the rise of prices. In the case of difficulties in the supply of paper and paper product raw materials, large-scale enterprises with waste paper recycling capacity, high-end materials help dreamers' dream come true industry and forest pulp paper integration enterprises will benefit significantly

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